Fantasy Football Draft Tips: Five Things to Do on Draft Day

Michael WhooleySenior Writer IAugust 21, 2009

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We recently gave you advice on 5 Things NOT To Do on Draft Day, and to stay on the same theme, we felt it would be best to fill you in on "Five Things TO DO on Draft Day."

As many of you know, being part of a fantasy football draft is like a job. You have to be on your A-game at all times, because you never know when someone in your league is going to throw a curve ball on the draft.

With this in mind we bring to you “Five Things to Do on Draft Day.”


1. Know your league's point system

It is so unbelievably important to know your leagues point system.

You need to identify if you are in a league that uses traditional scoring or is a points per reception (PPR) league. Make sure that you know your leagues point system and that you have your players ranked accordingly.

This has such a profound effect on a player’s value and your team’s future that we can’t stress it enough.

If you are unsure of where to rank a certain player, simply read through the rest of our Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets for more insight.


2. Come prepared and organized to your league's draft

There is nothing more comedic than someone sifting vigorously through pages, trying to compare three different players as the draft clock winds down to zero.

It is very easy to avoid this situation. First, make sure that you have the essentials in front of you, and that does not include beer and pretzels. Also have a copy of the Bruno Boys Webazine handy so that you can refer to for bye weeks as well as advice.

Other than that, bring a notebookone that easily conceals so other owners can’t read your notesa highlighter, and two pens, in case one runs out. This will allow you to take notes on players that you want to target in the next few rounds, and highlight or cross off what your opponents and you have already filled on their team.


3. Keep track of each owner’s roster

Just because we recommend that you write down your roster doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be keeping tabs on who the other owners in your league have drafted.

Make a sheet that allows you to write down the roster for every owner in your fantasy football league. This will help you determine if you should reach on a certain position or not.

For example, if you are in a 10-team league and you are the only person who still needs a quarterback, this will help you realize that you can wait a few rounds and bulk up at other positions instead of grabbing the 10th-best quarterback option.


4. Know the bye weeks and keep track of injured players

Just admit it: You do not want to be the man drafting what you hope to be a building block of your team and end up being the laughing stock of the draft because you drafted the guy who got hurt during the preseason. Plus, wasting a valuable draft pick on an injured player can really hinder your chances of winning your leagues fantasy football championship.

As for bye weeks, don’t place so much emphasis on making sure your bye weeks are spread out if you are getting great value for you pick. After all, a loss is only a loss.

Look at it this way, if you have a few core players on a bye at the same time, that’s 16 potential weeks that all your guns play on the same day. This doesn’t mean to draft your team around one specific bye week, but never, ever pass on better talent to try and beat the bye week sorrows!


5. Have fun and relax

The draft is what we like to call a preseason football party, so instead of being uptight, just relax, be yourself, and most of all, have fun.

If you come to the draft prepared, be confident in your choices. And if you don’t get the guy that you were targeting, go to plan B!

In summary, no one ever drafts a team full of studs. Come prepared, stay in the right mind and body frame, know your league’s point system and rely on the Bruno Boys.


6. Keep the Bruno Boys Website Handy

OK, so we couldn’t include just five tips.

Nowadays, with rising gas prices, economy struggles, and your wife (or husband) nagging at you, it is hard to find great, affordable advice regarding fantasy football.

We offer things that you have to pay hefty prices to get at other sites. New articles are constantly added to the site, there is a free draft guide, player rankings, and an in-depth message board full of daily advice, and we have up-to-the-minute player news.

The Bruno Boys Fantasy Football staff offers a multitude of great experience, knowledge, and insight for nothing more than wanting to deliver you a division title and championship this year.