The Mets Fan's Last Hope: That Class A Affiliate in Brooklyn

Max ColtenCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2009

It has become extremely difficult to watch these Mets of the last few months. Injury after injury has left this team with essentially a AAA roster, and have played as such throughout much of the season.


But enough about them.


Let’s talk about another exciting baseball team in New York.


The Brooklyn Cyclones.


Yes that often wacky Class A affiliate of the New York Mets which currently resides in first place in the McNamara division of the New York Penn League.


I was fortunate enough to get a job with the Cyclones this summer, working in maintenance and with the grounds crew.


I’ll get to more of the specifics of my job in a little while. First I want to talk about the team.


These Cyclones, unlike the big club has played with a certain zeal this season, always having fun and fooling around (since they are kids not much older than myself), but always getting down to business learning this game and doing quite well.


Their 38-21 record is tied for the best in the league, and puts them a comfortable 4.5 game lead over the hated Staten Island Yankees who had lost three straight heading into Friday night.


The Brooklyn Pitchers have really led the way posting a 3.02 ERA, good for fourth in the league, and a league leading WHIP of 1.13.


So why talk about the Cyclones?


Well this exciting team from Coney Island is a real joy to watch, playing in front of large crowds almost every home game, offering fan friendly promotions constantly, not to mention in game entertainment which takes on many forms (Condiment Races and the Beach Bum dances to name a couple).


And of course who can forget the Post-Game Firework's shows on most Friday and Saturday nights that have led to some added excitement!


The team also recently hosted Tommy Lasorda day, honoring the great manager, and in doing so brought in Joan Hodges (widow to Dodger great Gil Hodges) in the process.


So now that your better aquatinted with the Cyclones, lets get a little into my job with the team.


I work as part of both the maintenance crew, as well as the grounds crew led by Head Ground’s Keeper Kevin Ponte.


My job is pretty simple while with maintenance, keep the grounds clean. I make sure that there is no left over debris from previous games or events in the stands, or anything floating around outside the stadium.


With the grounds crew, there’s a lot more variety of things to do.


Whether it’s watering the flowers outside the stadium, cleaning bases, or setting up batting practice, the grounds crew gets it all done.


One of the greatest parts of this job is getting to be on the field for essentially the entire day, including right up to the first pitch, and of course staying during the game for all the fun in game necessities.


It is a lot of hard work, and I really have to credit the entire grounds crew at Keyspan Park who really do work hard all day everyday, getting the field ready for a team that is playing very well.


I’ll soon release an article that goes more in depth about the grounds crew at Keyspan Park, as well as the Maintenance crew that does do a lot of the “less fun” jobs to get the stadium ready for game days.