Nationals are Unfair to Fans

neil SaftContributor IAugust 21, 2009

Whoever isn't tired of hearing about the shabby state economy...won't mind reading another piece of dribble as well.

While the world would not be the same without baseball in our nations capital, something has to give.

Any team that can't spell its name right on their jerseys can't really be trying, can they? A McDonald's drive through worker doesn't have his/her name tag misspelled... 

The Nationals bother me more so than any other terrible MLB team because of the fact they charge you $10 to sit in the nose bleeds where everyone should be sitting, (because you can't see the team play), and $325 to sit behind the plate. 

Who does this organization think they are? I wouldn't pay $325 to go to a Nationals game unless they could guarantee me a victory and a foul ball.

I'm not saying the players aren't giving it their all, I'm saying they have been put in a position by management in which they cannot be successful.

But this is the society we live in; where greed at the highest levels believe it's okay to put out an inferior product that forces those in the middle scale of the economy to suffer to achieve a reasonable level of comfort.

The advantage to downsizing the Nationals is that the other teams get better by acquiring the Nationals players. 

The city still has the Orioles, (who aren't much better) but have been in place for a much longer time than the Nationals and have reasonable ticket prices. 

Sometimes you bail out the failing company and other times you let them fail.

Nationals fans: If you love something, let it go, and if it comes back and wins 80 games, then it was meant to be.