The Good, The Bad, and The Egotisticals: Six Man Tag Team Match Tonight

lee raydeanCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2009

As you fans recall on Friday Night Smackdown last week, Aug. 14, Vince McMahon set up a match with injured Champion Jeff Hardy and Hart Dynasty. It was a 2-on-1 match.

Jeff was injured by C M Punk (turned heel) trying to push his ethics down Jeff's throat. Punk waited until Jeff's match was over, and when Jeff was tired and sore, Punk pounded on him, causing further injury.

After the onslaught, which didn't help Jeff's condition, The Hart Dynasty proceeded to do more damage after they won the match.

Punk came out and joined Hart Dynasty in the beating that they were handing Hardy. John Morrison came out in Jeff's defense and tried to take out Dynasty. The trio ganged up on Morrison while Jeff laid in a heap in the corner.

Then, to everyone's surprise and astonishment, Jeff's brother Matt (they have been feuding for a while) went to help his brother. Matt cleared the ring of the dirt that was in there.

I sat and thought to myself, "Is this for real? Did Matt come out to help his brother?" I still don't believe it. Maybe Matt is genuinely sorry for the feuding. Though, he can still be angry and jealous because his brother has the belt.

Tonight on Smackdown, we will see a six man tag team match: C M Punk and Hart Dynasty vs. John Morrison and the Hardy Boys.

I can't help but wonder if Matt will be there for Jeff, or if he is setting him up again. For Jeff's sake, I hope it's because he is tired of the feuding between them and wants to wipe the slate clean. Or is it a sick joke that he, and Punk and Dynasty cooked up?

The Hardy Boys and Morrison are high flying athletes and cannot be grounded. They also have more experience, but the Hart Dynasty were trained by none other than the legendary Bret Hart.

This won't be a quick 1-2-3 match. It could be brutal. Punk is no one to mess with. He has many holds and knows martial arts but, can he keep his cool long enough to get the job done? Or will he be obsessed with hurting Jeff even more than he already has?

No matter how injured, sick, or how much pain he may be in, Jeff will still wrestle and give it 100 percent. That's a true wrestler in my eyes. Tonight, we will find out the answers to all the questions that we have asked.

I will be back later after Smackdown with more coverage and recap on this match.