Success: Don't Be Shy About It, Embrace It

Doug UrschelCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2009

CANTON, OH - AUGUST 3:  Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Marcus Allen waves to the crowd after receiving his bust during the 2003 NFL Hall of Fame Induction ceremony on August 3, 2003 in Canton, Ohio.  (Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images)

Marcus Allen knows about success.  He was the All American Tailback at USC who won a Heisman Trophy and was on a National Championship team.  He is also in the College Football Hall of Fame. 

He was a NFL All Pro and on a Super Bowl Winning team.  He is in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Marcus lives his life and celebrates his success, he doesn't hide from it.  Marcus uses his past experiences to explain what he is doing now and how he is preparing for the future.

Pete Carroll took a long time getting the great success he now enjoys.  He has no intention of hiding from it.  Carroll wants to share his experiences with others.

He believes it's important to demonstrate fact over theory.  His "Win Forever" philosophy comes from his life experiences, not hot air.

Pete Carroll formed his basic principles toward life from what he has experienced.  He took that and learned from people he had worked with.  People like Bud Grant of the NFL.

Carroll also sat down and discussed winning with a guy named John Wooden.  Carroll is very open to what the two of them discussed.

Carroll wanted to grasp success, not shy away from it.  

Carroll later shared his experiences and success by forming A Better LA.  This organization advises inner city youth that there is a better way than violence in life. 

A late night inner city appearance by Pete Carroll to speak with gang members is not unusual.  Carroll speaks with them of how many ways they can succeed in life.

Pete Carroll uses his success and failures to inspire others.  He makes arrangements to have many of these young people attend a USC football practice.  

Pete Carroll and Marcus Allen celebrate their success, they don't hide from it.

The New York Yankee organization is criticized by many for spending too much money for players' salaries, the building of a new stadium and trading for expensive free agents.

What is the Yankee organization actually doing?

The Yankee organization is doing everything it can, to provide a winning team for the fans.  A winning team is their first objective.  A team that makes money is second. 

The New York Yankees celebrate their success after each game by having Frank Sinatra's New York sent through the sound system to their fans.

The Yankees don't hide from their success, they celebrate it.

Should Marcus Allen be prevented from using his past experiences in explaining what his opinion is?  Should Pete Carroll be removed from all of his speaking engagements, because he does the same thing?

Should John Wooden be kept in a closet to prevent him from sharing what his lifetime of experiences have been? 

Should not the New York Yankees be allowed to have their illustrious past be displayed along their outfield walls?

I never felt worse (or dumb) as when speaking with the elderly husband of one of my wife's friends.  He wanted to discuss flying and I did think it to be worth while.

It was when we dropped them off at their house that my fool's hat was exposed.  

I felt about a foot tall when I first saw it on the wall of their home.  The black and white picture was that of him standing with his World War II B-24 bomber crew.

He had been a pilot of a B-24 in a war I had read about in school.  I then sat down with him and he told me of his participation in the Ploesti Oil Field raid.

I read about the Ploesti Raid too.  I even saw a movie about it.

I've been embarrassed before, but not in a way that made me feel disrespectful as well as dumb.

So be it Bobby Bowden, or Lou Hotz and his Irish clan.  It's best to stop and listen or you may find your head in a can.

It's not that they're bragging, it's just that they've all been there too.  Why would they want to have you, stuck in the same glue?

John Wooden, Joe Pa, Bobby Bowden, Lou Hotz, Pete Carroll and others have a wealth of knowledge and several lifetimes of experiences to share.

Seek those types of people out.  There are millions of them.  They won't be there forever.

Today, there is too much negative talk about success, no matter how long or what it took to get it.  Then there are those that have experienced success, but don't want to share it. 

They'll sell it, but they won't give any advice for free.  I have witnessed generations of experience go out the door from the jobs I've been it. 

Don't do like I did.  When given the chance to learn something from someone, don't think he's talking just to talk.  None of the aforementioned men talk just to hear themselves.. 

They'll share, but you should listen...or not.  That's your decision.  Don't ever believe that a successful person needs to hide their success. 

Most likely he will be celebrating it.