Take The High Road On Favre

Brian CiochettoContributor IAugust 21, 2009

12 Nov 2000:  Brett Favre # 4 of the Green Bay Packers sits on the bench after spraining his ankle in the third quarter at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Mandatory Credit: Eliot Schechter/ALLSPORT

How do you feel Packers fans? How much do you appreciate what Brett Favre gave to the Green Bay franchise for 16 years? How much do you hate it that he’s suited up for the Minnesota Vikings…for whatever reasons?

It would not be surprising if many are becoming indifferent to their former hero. But when he arrives to his old playground November 1st, many will be tuning in just to see how fans receive him.

It’s likely going to be a mixed bag.

Bottom line, Favre would still be playing for the Packers if he had his way. Things didn’t work out for whatever reasons, and fans got caught in the middle. You’re left feeling, who should I root for?

They say to be true to your school, but, did Packers’ GM Ted Thompson do fans any favors by closing the door on the man who helped restore Titletown?

Many may consider booing Favre as a traitor, but remember that he had committed to playing last year and was shown the door. As for joining the Vikings, if it were the same set of circumstances but not a rival, he likely would still be playing.

Favre now says he joined Minnesota NOT to exact revenge on his old team, but because there's a good chance of a Super Bowl appearance with Adrian Peterson lining up behind him. He‘s just not ready to walk away from the game. When you‘ve been kicked to the curb, are you just going to hang your head and walk away?

He chooses to play.

Favre was driven into the arms of our rivals because Thompson and likely head coach Mike McCarthy didn’t want him anymore. I don‘t think the New York Jets wanted number four back, feeling he was damaged goods after the end of last year. The Vikings are the ones taking a gamble here...and Favre because his reputation is on the line.

That is why you have to let this play out.

You could feel sad for him, but who knows. Favre could inspire the team, and a greater rivalry with the Vikings will be born.

Look at all the attention this will draw from the national media. The Packers miss the spotlight without their ole gunslinger, and this will motivate the team to move past last year’s forgettable 6-10 record.

Now, it is such a public affair, this rift.

Packers management needs fans to feed on this contempt for Favre. It entrenches a fan base that’s needed to put voices in those seats and money in the coffers. (As they stockpile cash reserves while cap space continues bulging at the seams).

Wait a minute! Maybe, fans should feel they are being used to serve Thompson’s needs to get out from under this Favre shadow.

Why did they take measures to make sure he didn’t wind up in a purple jersey last season? Is it because they knew he would succeed there? He would make Packers fans doubt the direction Thompson is taking the team, and plus he needs to account for his choice to make Favre walk the plank.

So, if anyone should be booed, it‘s Thompson, McCarthy and CEO Mark Murphy for their football decision that forced a legend into and out of an undignified early retirement. You could applaud Favre instead. He earned it. The worst you would do is to kill him with kindness. The defense will get their shots on the field of play.

November is a long way away. We’ll have more time to get perspective before then. The storyline has changed so many times, who knows what we’ll see by then.