My Summerslam Predictions

Adam HardyContributor IAugust 21, 2009

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These are my Summerslam Predictions.

Chris Jericho and Bigshow vs Cryme Tyme

Cryme Tyme just got a push. This match is for the unified tag team championship. JTG and Shad are going to lose this match. Chris Jericho and Bigshow are too good for Cryme Tyme so Chris Jericho and Bigshow will win this match and keep their titles.


Dolph Ziggler vs Rey Mysterio

Dolph Ziggler is having a rivarly with the IC Champ Rey Mysterio. I think Rey Mysterio will win this match. I dont think Dolph will beat Rey Mysterio. Rey will keep his title and will win again.


The Great Khali vs Kane

This will be a hell of a match. When they had a match at wrestlemania Khali won. This will be a Power House match. Khali has the upper hand sense he is face. I think Kane will win. If Kane wins that will keep the rivarly.


MVP vs Jack Swagger

I am not wreally excited about this match. I think MVP will win. He is face and I just think he is better than Swagger. Unlike MVP, Swagger has been World Champ. I think MVP should have been World Champ when he was heel. Now he cant even be United States Champ, and he was United States champ when he was heel. Anyways MVP will win.


Christian vs William Regal

I think Christian is better and will keep his title. I think instead of William Regal getting a push and competing for the ECW Championship, I think it should be Shelton Benjamin that should get a push but anyways Christian will win.


DX vs Legacy

This DX's first match together in a long time and I definetly think DX will win. Thats it!


Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk

Jeff Hardy got a push because the fans love him. I think Jeff Hardy will win. I think Jeff Hardy will keep it for 2 months or more.


Randy Orton vs John Cena

I think Randy Orton will win with the help of Legacy. John Cena will lose this match. I think this rivarly will keep going for a month or 2.


Sorry I havent written much information on why these guys will win.

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