This Week in The NBA and 5 Things I Think

micheal malcolmCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2009

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 18:  Boxer Oscar De La Hoya (L) and Shaquille O' Neal of the Cleveland Cavaliers talk as they tape a segment for the new ABC television series 'Shaq Vs.' at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino August 18, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The reality show, which launches tonight, follows O'Neal as he competes against star athletes in their respective sports.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Welcome to ‘This week in the NBA, where I have collected some of the major (and minor) stories surrounding the NBA this week, Enjoy!


Toronto Raptors Writer, Scott Hastie wrote an article about Pops Mensah–Bonsu leaving the Raptors this week, and sure enough Pops has apparently signed with the Rockets.


Provided that the Raptors do not match (and they shouldn’t) I am happy to see Pops get a chance to prove himself to be a better player than Patrick O’Bryant.


LeBron in his effort to possibly place him self in a good light, in lieu of his Nike fiasco is teaming up with the president to help stress the importance of education. My only question is I’ve never heard of LeBron taking college courses during the off-season, must be because he’s attempting to become some sort of movie star.


Congratulations to Jason Williams for finding a team that would employ him, Williams left the NBA last year to spend more time with his family. I respect players that can leave the game on their terms I wish him well this year.


I personally despise when NBA teams low-ball an offer to a respected player, and subsequently put out an alternate story via ‘high ranking officials’. Desmond Mason is a veteran that has sacrificed and done the ‘right thing’ his entire career that is what makes this situation much more laughable than it should be. 


Being the defending Champs sure has its privileges, it also costs quite a bit.


Scottie Pippen headlines a yearly Golf tournament, looking to raise awareness about child abuse in America. If you are an avid golfer and would like to rub elbows with some former Chicago sports icons practice your golf swing for next year.


Carmelo Anthony is suing his former ‘business manager’. This has been a tiring repetitive refrain for the year, and frankly I don’t feel sorry for him. A better question would be is why do sports stars in general allow their old friends and new associates to manage their money, often with no formal education?  


This would be another example of riding talented sibling connection, as drafting Taylor Griffin makes NO SENSE for the Phoenix Suns. In fact I’m finding it hard to believe he was drafted over Josh Shipp, Jeremy Pargo, or even Eric Devendorf.


I don’t care how ‘in shape’ Ricky Rubio is nor do I care if he ever plays in the NBA, I’m tired of this soap ‘opera of will he or won’t he play. If he cannot report to training camp on time then he should play in Europe for the year.


It sets a dangerous precedent for a young Wolves team that is attempting to build a strong foundation to have a player, a rookie no less show up late and drag out the ‘buyout process’ and yes I personally believe that Rubio could have take care of this in advance if he truly wanted to be in Minnesota.


Stan Van Gundy is starting to make Shaq look like a psychic with his recent comments.


Clearly, Carlos Defino wanted to come back to the NBA, seeing how the contract he has signed with the Bucks is nowhere near the five million he was seeking from the Raptors. Must be nice to be paid, instead of not knowing when (or if) you will get paid.


Another example of Jameer Nelson showing the leadership required to run a basketball team, also the Phillies may wish to pick him up as a bench player for his hitting prowess.


Kevin Martin of the Kings continues to show why athletes will forever be looked upon as role models, his act of kindness will last these children a lifetime.


The NCAA is a joke, every year there is a scandal about some illegible student attending school this year Derrick Rose is the target, I wouldn’t be surprised if John Wall was the center of attention in a couple of years for the wrong reasons. NCAA does not care about athletes; they more concerned about giving the illusion that they are serious about athletes getting an ‘education’


Ben from Blazers Edge states that ‘LaMarcus Aldridge is the best PF 24 and under in the game today.’ Would you disagree?


Looking at contracts teams will be looking to get rid of in order to avoid paying the luxury tax.


For those of us that believe that a strong inside game will make it easier to make outside shots take this in.


Terry Porter has been given a quick hook for both head coaching jobs he’s had, it’s a bit of a raw deal, and certainly I think he would be a good fit in Cleveland. However at least for this year he’s taking a vacation.


Why has no one attempted to sign Ramon Sessions? Here’s Charles Gardner’s insight on the subject


Joe Smith, is the poster child for untapped potential. While he has fashioned a serviceable NBA career you have to wonder what could have been. Why did the Hawks sign him? At this point, I too, am unsure.


Shaquille O’Neal lack of integrity is startling, and he’s very lucky that Steve Nash is a Canadian.


In an age where journalist integrity is consistently questioned, I have to agree with agent Aaron Goodwin’s assessment. Additionally Nate Robinson may be back with the Knicks if nothing better materializes.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wants to get into coaching. A suggestion to the second leading scorer in NBA history: Lobbying for a NBA coaching job on Twitter is likely not the best way to go to be seriously considered. Personally, I think you’ve taken at least 20 steps back from achieving that goal, also it seems like he’s complaining which is reminiscent of his Laker days.


If you are a Nets fan, I dare you not to sound excited about the team after reading this.


If you thought the Tim Doughany scandal was bad, consider if NBA scorekeepers had their own personal agenda wouldn’t that be something?


Finally, an NBA player who doesn’t Tweet.


The’s annual rookie survey is out, and Jonny Flynn gets some love.


Lastly congratulations to Hawks and Thrashers fans. After four years of legal posturing and backbiting the ownership for the Hawks and Atlanta Thrashers are one big (and I’m sure very unhappy) family.


With both the Hawks and Thrashers on the rise (okay, only kind of for the Thrashers) a renewed focus can be put on developing the talent they currently have.



Here are my five non-basketball related thoughts of the week.


1.) Good for the ownership and management team of the Philadelphia Eagles, for explaining their position on the signing of Michael Vick, and good for the corporations for not withdrawing their sponsorship. The day that the PETA starts to make and influence corporate decisions will be a sad day indeed.



2.) Billy Wagner has been placed on waivers by the Mets, for 40+ Million the Mets didn’t quite get their monies worth, and additionally clearly had problems getting the ball to Wagner.


Note to Omar Minaya: you either need strong starters or strong middle relief to get to the closer, without either you are left with too many holes to win consistently.



3.) Plaxico Burress getting two years in prison is nothing more than the legal system wanting to make an example of him. If Dante’ Stallworth can kill a man with his car and get 24 days in jail, then Burress shooting himself as already done more damage than two years in jail can do.



4.) Patrick Kane disgusts me with his recent behavior, his apology sounded hallow and unemotional. Kids can make mistakes, but when you are a Millionaire and a public figure, fighting a cabbie over 50 cents is uncalled for.


If Gary Bettman wants to know how to handle this correctly I suggest he consult to Roger Goodell for advice.



5.) The controversy surrounding Caster Semenya, an 18 year old South African runner is startling and disturbing. Would this be a controversy if she looked like Beyonce and had the ability to run?

While, I personally believe that she is a woman possibly taking some sort of testosterone supplement. Someone who improves their time in one year generally isn’t unheard of.

While the testing will take some time, the IAAF has clearly continued to show its inept leadership by subjecting this young lady to what amounts to a witch hunt.


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