Future WWE Main Eventers

brandon crosswhiteContributor IAugust 21, 2009

1. Kofi Kingston

He is a awesome high flyer and he is a former IC Champion, a former world Tag team champion With CM punk, and is the current US champion. Personally Ithink this kid has all the tools to carry the WWE and become WWE champion the WWE has used him right by not giving him a World title so soon. I do belive he will be world champion in 2010.

2. Randy Orton

The Current WWE champion has one thing on his mind, and that is To be The best there is and the Best there Ever was.  He a third generation superstar, the youngest world champion a former tag team champion and former IC champion. He had the pleasure of being in one of the Greatest Stables Evolution there. No doubt that he will be in The WWE Hall of fame he is one of the best heels, I say he's better than Ted dibiase Sr. either way he still will be the best.

4. Cody Rhodes

The second generation superstar personally like his father the american dream Dusty Rhodes, I think they are both better than the Dibiases. I just think Cody needs to get bigger, he has better moves, he's a former 3 time world tag team champion twice with Ted Dibiase and once with Hardcore Holly. I think by 2010 he will be maineventing Wrestlemania Against Ted Dibiase in a triple threat Cody rhodes vs Ted dibiase vs Randy Orton. Cody Rhodes will hold alot of tag team then I see him and Ted getting split and he will hold the mid card titles then he will have his break and become World heavyweight champion.

4. Evan Bourne

Right now the WWE is confusing me with him he is one of the best high flyers today. When it looks like he's going to get a push that he deserves like when he beats current US champion Kofi Kingston and beats Jack Swagger then they make him job to Swagger and to Big show it doesnt make any sense. I think he will get moved to smackdown from a tag team with Mysterio and then he will go on to hold the US or IC title then he will get his push at Wrestlemania and win money in the bank and become WWE champion and hold the title with honor.

5. Jack Swagger

The Two Time all american american former ECW champion. I will admit when this kid first came to ECW i thought he was going to get released then I saw him win the ECW world title and I was like WTF its to early then he started improving his game and on the stick and he had a awesome match with then WWE champion John cena. He made Cena look good he almost beat him and thats when I changed my mind. I see him winning the Royal Rumble or next year the King of the Ring. He will be a future world champion.

6. Matt Hardy

Another underrated superstar but he has done alot for the business from TLC matches to making tag teams legendary, but he really has always been the other Hardy. He is a former ECW champion, former US champion, and cruiserweight champion he did beat his brother At wrestlmania but I do feel 2009 is his year to become World Heavyweight Champion

7. Shelton Benjamin

The most underrated superstar of pro wrestling everytime WWE seems to be given him a push they bury him he has more talent in his pinkey than all of the wrestling world. I think the Former US champion should look at going to TNA for awhile. I am sure they will be glad to make him World Champion and him vs Kurt Angle could mainevent Wrestlemania. The best I do see him doing is turning face and becoming ECW champion, then world champion...or we might just see him making a name for himself in TNA.

8. John Morrison

The Friday night Delight, the Former ECW champion he has everything to become World Champion he has the look the mic skills and the in ring skills the only thing stopping him is Jeff hardy is the biggest Face and while he was around I dont see him holding the strap. But we will see him as world champion before the year is over.

9. Charile Hass

Another underrated superstar why there not pushing him is beyond me he has the look the mic skills all he needs is a good solid gimmick, but like shelton i see him going to TNA and then they can form Team Angle Again and he can get Respect.

10. Sheamus

He is a very good fighter with no little bastard in his way to reach the pot of gold. I do feel like he will become ECW world champion before the year's up. He's good on the mic but I also see him teaming with Finlay for a lil while.

11. Zack Ryder

WOO WOO WOO the former WWE tag team champion is a very good in ring competitor and he's good at gaining heat all he needs is a good gimmick then I can see him becoming a serious heel and winning the ECW world title.

12. Yoshi Tastu

We already know this kid has a bright future he beat the best pure athlete in his debut, he is very good in the ring I just hope his mic skills dont bring his Career down. I see him getting Drafted then wining the IC title or the US title. Then I can see him winning the ECW title.

12. The Hurricane

He is the longest Cruiserweight champion in history, I can see him becoming the ECW world champion then get traded to Smackdown winning the IC or US title then maybe him and Matt Hardy can have a feud over the world title. He is very over with the fans and he can be a great heel.

13. Ted dibiase Jr

The Third generation superstar former two time world Tag team Champion the kid has a bright Future, he has already put on a good match with his mentor Randy orton he has the mic skills, the look but all I want him to do is get away from his Dad gimmick,Ted Dibiase. I can see winning the world title by next year and becoming a True Mega star for the WWE.

14.Brett Dibiase

Son of the Million Dollar man if I dont know who he is look him up and I advise you to watch him fight, he is really good why they haven't they brought him to the main roster is beyond me he a better wrestler than TED.

15.Triple H

Sadly I still see him in the WWE Wrestling still being at the top and not letting the younger talent grow. I see him breaking Ric fFair's 16 time world title runs.

16. Mr kennedy

I see him coming back after becoming a main eventer in TNA and winning the TNA World title then I see him coming back and putting right into the title Scene and winning the WWE title or the World Heavyweight title.

17 Eugene

He will come back but not as the Eugene gimmick but he is a really good Wreslter I can see him winning the ECW title.

18. JTG-he is a amazing Wreslter he can put on a good match i think he will be tooken serious when he gets Away from Cryme tyme then going to ECW and Winning the ECW title then Get Drafted to smackdown and winning the world title.

19. Shad

The same he needs to get away from WWE poor tag teams and just be a Single Wreslter I could see him becoming one of the best Heels in WWE and winning the IC or US title then maybe winning the World title.

20. AJ Styles

This is a long shot becuz he has been with TNA for awhile but I do think they he will make a run to the WWE and going to smackdown and Facing Against evan and rey and ETC but I do see him becoming a WWE champion but like i said its a long shot.


He has everything it takes to get on Vince good side he is Big and Vince loves Big wrestlers. I can see him becoming a very good heel and winning the world title.

22. Jeff Hardy

The current World champion, now we all know Jeff wants to take a break he has wrestled as much as Jericho and Edge before he got injured but still I see Jeff going to TNA since its a lighter Schedule so I see him becoming TNA world champion. Then whenever he comes back he will be bigger and more popular than ever and I see him going right back to the title Scene

23. CM punk

Right now he is so overrated he has had more Sucuess then piper and he is not better I dont think WWE should have let him win MITB twice they Screwed up Both times but hopefully WWE bulids him back up as a strong heel.

24. Samoa J

Joe has always said he wants to be at the top and thats where WWE is like AJ its a long shot but if he does I can see him becoming a World champion.

25. DH Smith

He is a Second generation superstar he has all the tools to become world champion he is strong, fast and I see him winning a World title in 2011.

26.Tyson Kidd

The last person to be Trained by Bret hart he is like a young mysterio. He is very fast in the ring but not that good on the mic well I don't know because he never really speaks. But I can see him winning the US title by this year then going to ECW and winning the ECW title.

27. John Cena

The Leader of the PG ERA I have alot of respect for him because he doesn't give him he has never let anybody hold him back he a former WWE or world champion. I think Cena is turning into HBK where he wont need a title to show how great he is but he will have a place in the Hall of fame.

28. The Miz

What can I say about the Miz Future in WWE, he's young, cocky and has all the tools to become one of the great US Champions, he is already a former WWE and world tag team champion he reminds me of Brock lensar he's just cocky and he has the ring and mic skills to back it up we will see him a world champion in 2011.

29. Mike Knox

He could take over Kane's spot or Khali's he is pretty good on the mic and he has alot of moves for a big men he can become a very good heel and if khail can become world champion then why not Knox.

30. Christian

The former Two time NWA world champion and current two time ECW champion has a bright future he can play a face or heel because that's how he rolls. I see him becoming world champion by next year and reforming Edge and christian and helping the Tag Divison.

31. Edge

The former World champion he has came so much since his days with christian he has mature alot his character his so beliveable he will be in the world title scene when he comes back. He one of the best on the stick and the mic, Edge will be a 12 time world champion when his career is up and be in the Hall of Fame.

32. JBL

The Wrestling God, I really dont think we have see the last of the Former WWE champion he carried Smackdown on his Back for a long time he's great on the mic and I love the Clothesline From Hell. Its a shame how they made him lose in 21 seconds at wrestlemania. He will be in the Hall of Fame

33. Chris Jericho

what can we say about the superstar of the Year, the former Undisputed world champion, besides his amazing he plays a heel so well I mean he even hit a fan. We love to hate him. He's better than a lot of people. He says he the best at what he does he considered one of the greatest IC champions of all time behind Santino Marrella (just playing). I think we will see more world title Runs and IC runs by this year and next.

34. Bobby Lashley

The Two time ECW World Champion never wanted to leave WWE but they didnt like how he was treating Kristal but I think we will see him in the future after he becomes TNA world champion and wins the UFC title from Brock Lesnar.




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