Thundercats, Ho, Eager to Defend LazyBones Revival Fantasy Title

Steven MurryContributor IAugust 21, 2009

"This is what we play for, this is why we sweat and work our butts off during July and August, this is why we spend so much time during the season, I'm going to win it again, I'm going to win it so many times, they name it after me," proclaimed Steven Murry, owner, coach and PA announcer for the LBRFFL original franchise.

"I know it's the first time I've won this league since the original days of the LazyBones league, but it feels good to be the first two-time champion," Murry continued. The Thundercats, Ho franchise won the inagural season of the original LazyBones FFL in 2000 featuring a line-up led by Jay Fiedler, Marshall Faulk and Chris Chambers.

The 2009 LBRFFL season begins in earnest in less than two weeks when the league holds its annual Draft Spectacular. This year the event is being held on Tuesday, September 1st at 7:30pm (CST). Once again, the event is being sponsored by Bud Lite and Tombstone Pizza.

2007 Champion, Law Dawgs, owned and operated by the Freeborn Group, disputed Murry's abilities to win again this season.

"Seriously, his team wasn't that great. He drafted Tom Brady in the first round for christ's sake. If it wouldn't have been for the play of Matt Forte, Bearssssssssssssss, then he wouldn't have been able to beat anybody down the stretch. It won't be so easy this season, I promise you that," warned Freeborn, as he stood outside the groundbreaking ceremony for his team's new practice facility in the heart of the Roscoe Village neighborhood in Chicago, Il.

When pressed on the question of how a fantasy team could afford a training facility in the middle of the city, Freeborn responded, "None of your business, that's how." With a wave of his hand, Freeborn summoned his security guard, an imposing figure who looked like he couldn't be more than 1 year old, who came barrelling out of a nearby building. His nimble movements and incredibly big hands so frightened this reporter, that we feel lucky to get out of Roscoe Village alive.

The other franchises in LBRFFL had a similar response to Murry's bravado. "Screw him, he got so lucky last year. I think his wife handed him at least one victory," proclaimed George Dickson, owner of the hard-luck Lexington Lippizaners, in reference to the, coincidentally, now-defunct franchise, White Russians, owned by Shelton May Murry, wife and baby mama to the Thundercats, Ho head honcho.

"She knew what she did, that's why she's not around this season," Dickson continued, "We'll see how good Murry is now without any help."

Mrs. Murry only had this to say, "I have never thrown a game for my husband or anyone else, for that matter. I'm a defending champion myself, and I have only ever lost twice to Mr. Murry, ever, in anything, quarrels, spats, full-blown fights, fantasy football, Battleship, anything. You got a problem with that?", she bellowed.

Sounds like everyone is ready for the year to get started. Some intense rivalries are already forming. And, although the season is still three weeks away, it looks like the team owners are ready to get after it.

LBRFFL season starts with the draft party, at the home of the Commissioner once again for 2009, and continues with the first balls kicked in anger on September 9th.