Game 7: A Make-or-Break for King James?

Dan E. LoveContributor IMay 18, 2008

Game 7s are always big, but there is something about a Game 7 in Boston that just seems bigger.

Throughout the history of basketball, the scenario has been practically the same when it comes to do-or-die games at The Garden. 

It is Game 7, so of course, Boston’s opponent has proven itself capable of hanging with the Celtics, but history has shown time and time again that visiting foes have virtually no chance in Boston.  The fans, the mystique, and the ghosts of Celtics past just will not allow it.

However, today there is one man who is capable of looking those ghosts in the eye, bum rushing his way past them and dunking on those green monsters’ heads.  There is one man who can point two King-sized middle fingers at “Celtic Pride” and send Boston fans home, crying in their green beers.

That man, of course, is LeBron James.

When LeBron entered the NBA at Age 18 with all that hype and all of those comparisons to Michael and Magic, this was the type of game everyone out there saw “King” James dominating. 

Some may say this game is not a make-or-break for LeBron James’ career, but it may prove to be just that. 

Today, the world will find out if James has the “it” that the basketball kings of the past possessed.  Is LeBron James the “next big thing” or merely an athletically-gifted human YouTube machine, a rich man’s Dominique Wilkins?

For us to know the answer to that question, LeBron’s Cavs do not necessarily have to win this game, but James has to play well and give his undermanned team more than a puncher’s chance to win a Game 7 in Boston. 

LeBron James needs to put up (at least) a 30-10-8 stat line this afternoon.  LeBron needs to be the reason Cleveland wins today, but definitely cannot be the reason the Cavs lose.

Will “The Chosen One” march into Boston and singlehandedly take down the Celtics in their own building?  No one can say that for sure, right now. 

One thing is for sure though.  If James does go into Boston and pull off the upset with one of those legendarily classic playoff performances, look out, NBA.