Texas A&M Football: What's Wrong with the Aggies?

Scott McDanielCorrespondent IMay 18, 2008

The Aggies problem is not defensive schemes or offensive theories. (Maybe it was coach Fran) It is recruiting! And the lack of simple fundamentals that the Aggies have displayed (catching the football, tackling, etc). 


I don't care what Rivals.com says about our recruits, but A&M does not have the same caliber (and by caliber I mean size, speed and skill) recruits as Texas, nor Oklahoma, or any other non-conference BCS opponent that the Aggies have faced and failed against the past eight seasons (Virginia Tech, Miami, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Penn State, etc). 


How can the Aggies expect to compete on such a high level if the recruiters can not bring in the recruits that are needed to compete against the big BCS schools? If the battle on the line of scrimmage cannot be won on either side of the ball, then the Aggies might as well go ahead and put the scout team out for every play. 


Take a look at the size of the players on teams such as Tennessee, Penn State, Cal, Mississippi State, Miami, Virginia Tech. The list goes on. They dwarf A&M's players at over half of the positions on the field. 


Yeah, the offensive line was big this past season, but they weren't mean, physical and athletic like Oklahoma's.  Did anyone happen to watch the Sooners RB duo of Allen Patrick and Demarco Murray and that o-line. It was unbelievable how athletic and physical their offensive line was. 


Unless Mike Sherman can change the attitude in Aggieland on both sides of ball, I fear another dismal season with disgruntled fans, and former students.  The Aggies are in desperate need a resurrection of the Wrecking Crew and a big nasty offensive line that can't be bullied around the field. 


A&M has never had big problems at getting talent at the skill positions, they just need to have the line of scrimmage secure on both sides of the ball.