Fantasy Premier League Minute: Don'ts for the New Season.

Ben WilliamsContributor IAugust 20, 2009

HULL, ENGLAND - AUGUST 19:  Benoit Assou-Ekotto of Tottenham Hotspur looks on during the Barclays Premier League match between Hull City and Tottenham Hotspur at the KC Stadium on August 19, 2009 in Hull, England.  (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

Two game weeks down, and I feel this is the perfect opportunity to express some warnings to fantasy league players.

It is this time of year when it just feels like silly season; everyone is making claims about who will win the league and who will disappoint based on one or two games.

Transfer rumors are flying around, and teams and players are still getting used to each other.

All this can lead to fantasy managers getting very jittery and making some really poor choices now, that can cause them to spend the rest of the season struggling to keep up.

Here are a few things fantasy managers should keep in mind:

Don’t make wholesale change

As tempting as it is to scrap your whole team and start over, don’t!

Unless none of your players are scoring any points, it doesn’t make sense to transfer everyone out at the price of 4 points a transfer.

At most, two transfers a week should be your maximum, as that works out at two points per transfer (due to the first one being free).

Two points per player will be covered just by those two players playing 60 minutes and not getting a card, everything on top of that will be your reward for making a good pick.

You should also hold on to your Wildcard as you will surely need it later in the season.

If possible, hang on to the Wildcard until the January transfer window, because that is generally around the time the injuries start piling up for teams and teams will add to or sell parts of their squad.

Don’t make snap judgments

Sometimes a team will have a terrible game and sometimes they will play out of their skin; same goes for individual players.

A lot of players will see this, especially at the beginning of the season, and make a snap decision to sell a player or buy a player without putting too much thought into it.

When making changes, you need a plan.

The best thing to do is to find some players that you want on your team and either set them in your transfer watch list or just keep them in mind.

Transfer them in one at a time and keep in mind their upcoming games, their past games (in terms of who they are scoring most of their points against: good teams, bad teams, at home, or away.), and the general trends of the team. 

Making decisions without putting enough thought into them is how you end up wasting money and creating a terrible team.

Don’t get caught up with the hype

Just because a player is good or a team is doing well, does not mean they will win you points.

Mascherano is an excellent player, but he’s not going to win you many points.

Michael Owen has received huge publicity over the past month or so, but he is still the third choice forward and will not win you many points as a sub.

Also, at this point in the season, everyone is jumping on bandwagons, claiming certain teams could win the league only because they’ve had a good couple of games.

Don’t get caught up in this, almost half the teams have only played one league game, what is going to happen in the future is anyone’s guess.

So, don’t start filling your teams full of Tottenham and Arsenal players just yet.

Like I said before, keep your eye on some players you are interested in and transfer them in one at a time.

Don’t get fooled by a flash in the pan

Several of these categories overlap, but I do want to make a special point about flashes in the pan.

Players like Assou-Ekotto, Koumas, Rodallega, and Keogh are all some of the top points scorers and thousands of managers have drafted them into their teams, but all these players have only been a flash in the pan.

These players all had ONE big game, that’s it.

Although they played well, it is inadvisable to make your decisions based on one game.

These players are cheap, so it is worth taking a chance on one or two of them if you don’t have a more urgent part of your team to take care of, but don’t expect them to continue this form.

This goes back to everything else I’ve said, find some players you like, keep an eye on them, make a plan, and transfer these players in one at a time when you’re sure they are better than what you currently have.

I hope this helps keep things in perspective for the almost 1.8 million fantasy managers out there.

Is there anything you would add to this?


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