Chuck Liddell Will Win Dancing with the Stars!

Stephen Tihal@STihalContributor IAugust 20, 2009

CULVER CITY, CA - MAY 30:  UFC fighter Chuck Liddell arrives at the taping for Spike TV's 2nd Annual 'Guys Choice' Awards held at Sony Studios on May 30, 2008 in Culver City, California.  The show airs on June 22, 2008 at 10PM ET/PT on Spike TV.  (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

First off, let's hope that the camera angle for the photo just makes it look like Chuck is in mid-dance, because really, if he tries to bust out moves like that, this article is as good as dead.

Now, on to the serious stuff.

So it's true, and the MMA world has beat the hell out of articles talking about Chuck and his appearance on Dancing With The Stars, but no one has made any relevant predictions. I've made mine, and that's why you're reading, because you are very skeptical that "The Iceman" will win.

Not me, friends; not me.

Let's look at his competition, courtesy of the good folks at Wikipedia (I've really never watched the show before, honest).

It's really a group of models and actors, and a few names stick out as possible winners. Chuck, of course, Mark Dacascos (all those years of karate and kung fu will help), and Michael Irvin (touchdown celebrations will definitely give him an edge).

I'm sure something can be said for the musicians that have worked with choreographed dances, but nothing quite compares to an athlete's foot (no, not that athlete's foot).

Michael Irvin tore up the NFL for years, blasting downfield and making coverage look like a joke. Sure, he can get down in the end zone, but I'm sure his cleats digging into the field helped his balance and kept him from falling on his butt. Sorry, Mike.

Mark Dacascos is famous for hosting Iron Chef America and acting in a bunch of Kung-Fu movies and other martial arts related TV shows. I'm sure he'll have some moves to show off, but not quite what Chuck has to offer.

The Iceman made his name with his striking power, and as Spiderman taught us, with great power, comes great footwork. That may not be a direct quote from the movies, but its true enough.

Hawaiian Kenpo and Kickboxing involve movement, and Chuck's ability to plant most of his opponents on their asses with his big punching power, is generated from the footwork that boxers are famous for. 

Add in running around an Octagon with sweaty feet, and a very unorthodox style of overhand striking that could easily be mistaken for "The Swim", and I have very good reason to believe that The Iceman will have no problem beating the competition like its Tito Ortiz.

So whenever it is that this show starts, take the time to curl up on the couch next to your girlfriend or wife. Let her take the blame for this show being on (like many other men across the world will be doing), and enjoy watching Chuck thoroughly dominate the competition with his Cha-Cha, Waltzing and dare I say, Bollywood dancing skills. It'll be great to see the familiar site of Chuck celebrating victory, at least one more time.