DX Celebration Cut Short by Legacy

lee raydeanCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2009

Monday night RAW was absoluetely exciting this week. I, for one, was surprised, because as of late, WWE was getting to be too predictable.

This week's GM host was actor Freddie Prinz, Jr. When Lillian Garcia introduced him, the fans went crazy.

Another exciting event was the return of DX, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H. The crowd was in a frenzy when they came down to the squared circle.

They looked good standing in that ring, doing their usual antics. It was refreshing to see the Showstopper back in the WWE where he belongs.

As they were celebrating their return, DX was surprised by Legacy. They snuck up on Triple H and Shawn from behind and caught them off guard.

DX didn't really have a chance to fight back because of Legacy being the sneaky weasels that they are.

However, they are Randy Orton's proteges. Therefore, they did what he would have done, and that's getting someone before they get the drop on you.

After the beat down, Ted Dibiase, Jr. told Triple H that he and Cody Rhodes "were ready."

We all know what DX is capable of doing. They break rules and make their own, much like Legacy. The only difference is that DX isn't out to hurt anyone, at least not anyone who hasn't messed with them first.

Now, you fans can bet that DX will get their revenge on Legacy, one way or another. They may do to Legacy what Legacy did to them. 

I take that back, they will get even.

They will have a taste of some sweet chin music and some pedigree on the sideDX isn't successful for letting other wrestlers get it over on them.

Legacy will go down in a cloud of smoke, and when it clears, DX will be the only ones standing. And at Summer Slam, you can bet Legacy will be the ones that get surprised.