Jeff Jarrett's Plan A and B

Lamar BoltonContributor IAugust 19, 2009

With the noose slowly tightening around Jeff Jarrett's professional career, I can't help but think what are his options are.

I don't think he will be satisfied to return as on-air talent without any creative control of the company he helped found.

And Dixie cant just fire someone that owns a part of the company, so this is going to cost her money to get Jarrett out of the picture. What if there were another party interested in Jarrett's part of TNA.

I say call up Stamford, Conn., and find out if Vince is interested. If it can be worked out to where the companies can be run independent of one and other and still have some crossover on both sides to where its profitable for everyone.

We all know that the WWE botched the Invasion story and this would be the chance to get it right.

Plan B would be this. Its widely believed that Hulk Hogan is looking for something to do to keep his mind off his troubles.

You contact Hogan and his boy, Eric Bischoff, and either sell them a seat at the table in TNA or make a deal and let Bischoff and Hogan piggyback in on Jarrett's interest.

This move is much more risky, TNA is already headed down the WCW path any way. This would make it a much more interesting ride in in the long run. Any way you look at this its going to get ugly before it gets settled.

Kurt Angle made his first statement on his problems today, and I have to say that his side of it makes more sense then her side, of which we really haven't heard.

Kurt claims that she took his car and said she was going to the store. Instead, she went to the police and filed a protection order against him and had him removed from his own house.

Whether he was stalking her is definitely up for debate. One thing's for sure, both of them need to get away from each other and the wrestling business for a while.