Retire The Notion: Vikings Better Off With Favre

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Retire The Notion: Vikings Better Off With Favre
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I'm going to take my shots at Brett Favre, and they might be a little unfair, but you'll get over it. I'm going to give the "old man" a little opinionated analysis on how he'll fit in with the Minnesota Vikings.

I'll be the first to say, I'm a jilted Packers fan and that he instantly makes the Vikings better (in theory).

So, I wanted to take a day to digest what happened, and make sure I still wasn't shocked by it at all; and I can honestly say there was no doubt that the No. 4 on the Vikings roster was an ass, not a Booty.

At his last stop in New York, I still claim that Favre lost the team in the waning portion of the season. I fear (for his sake) that the same could happen in Minnesota.

The difference?

Adrian Peterson is already the leader.

Favre doesn't have to step in and take over an NFL roster. He doesn't have to command the attention of an offensive corps or create all the spark with the ball. The spark will be supplied by his arm. Throw in the fact, that Percy Harvin and Bernard Berrian are two receivers with speed to burn. That had to be enticing.

Now, one of the greatest QB's of all time is set up to run all his favorite plays. Pitch-n-catch, streak, and maybe a button hook here and there. This team is actually near perfect for the Mississippi (drama) queen.

The quarterback needs to have some control over the huddle, and Favre will not be given quite the "General" status he had in New York; but that does not mean he will be exempt from leading the team with 2:00 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

Regardless of how little he will command the team's respect or where he showers, he'll still have the ability to put the ball down field more accurately than Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels.

That makes the Vikings better and NFC North favorites.

I like how the move really hurts Minnesota in the broad scheme of things; since this is a one year solution; but it scares me as a Packers fan how much the move really helps them this year.

The Vikings may have a trophy case devoid of any Lombardi Trophies, and that might remain the case after this season. But the fact remains that they've got the ammo for No. 4.

The fireworks are in place for Favre in Minnesota, but that doesn't mean this is just one big dud of a finale.

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