MLB: Baseball Power Rankings

Eric LawheadCorrespondent IMay 17, 2008

Through the games on May 16:

1. Chicago Cubs: They just came off a sweep of what would be No. 1 Arizona, and beat up on San Diego. Soriano is just now heating up.

2. Arizona Diamondbacks: Sure, they just got swept by the Cubs, but they've got one of the best starting rotations in the majors. They are for real and will stick around for a long time this season.

3. Boston Red Sox: Okay, before all of you freak out because they aren't even in first in their division, the team in front of them is still the Rays. They are the Red Sox and have one of the lineups in baseball.

4. Tampa Bay Rays: For the first time in team history, they were six games over .500. They are sticking around for a while, which is surprising, so check back in another month and we'll see where they are.

5. Florida Marlins: It's about that time for them to make a run at another title.

6. Philadelphia Phillies: They are staying consistent, and with players like Burrell, Utley, and Howard, they aren't going anywhere for awhile.

7. Cleveland Indians: The pitching is starting to come around and they are finding ways to win.  They are quietly making a statement in the Central.

8. New York Mets: They are in third place in the East, which is quietly the best division in baseball. Firing Willie Randolph is not the answer either. 

9. LA Angels of Anaheim: Tough recent series against a not-so-good White Sox team, but they will win the West running away with it.

10. LA Dodgers: It's tough playing in a division with the Diamondbacks in it.

11. Minnesota Twins: They just keep letting players go and reloading, and they are right there at the top of the Central again.

12. Chicago White Sox: Sure, they have a chance to be in first in the Central after Saturday, but they aren't really that good. They are taking advantage of a down Central that was supposed to be so good. Give them time and they will go into a few large slumps.

13. Houston Astros: They are playing good baseball, but will get beat up along with the rest of the Central by each other.

14. Oakland A's: Billy Ball is working again and they will give the Angels a run for it.

15. St. Louis Cardinals: Like the Astros, they will get beat up by the rest of the decent Central, will end up around .500.

16. Baltimore Orioles: Who would have thought they would be in third place and that one of the teams in front of them would not include the Yankees.

17. Toronto Blue Jays: The young staff is pitching better than they are supposed to. 

18. Atlanta Braves: In the toughest division in baseball, they are hanging around as only the Braves can.

19. Kansas City Royals: They are playing actually good baseball and should play spoiler at the end for someone in the Central.

20. New York Yankees: Sure they're in last in the East, but they're still the Yankees.

21. Milwaukee Brewers: They score runs and they will work their way up in the good Central.

22. Texas Rangers: They are not very good, but they will win games when others need to.

23. Pittsburgh Pirates: If it weren't for the Cubs, they would be over .500.

24. San Francisco Giants: They are surprising to have won this many games so far. Don't expect too much more from them.

25. Cincinnati Reds: They are playing decent and they have a lot of young players. But lets wait a couple years for this team.

26. Seattle Mariners: They have been a disappointment, they've got the best contact hitter in the game and one of the best young flame throwers as well.

27. San Diego Padres: They are the big disappointment so far. They should be a lot better than they are. I think they'll make a comeback.

28. Colorado Rockies: World Series one year, then they came back to earth.

29. Washington Nationals: Nice new stadium and they started pretty well, but they are still the Expos, remember.

30. Detroit Tigers: Remember at the beginning of the season, when the Tigers were supposed to be the best team ever, it seemed like? Well yeah they are hurt everywhere, but they are terrible!


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