Shaq Vs Makes It Way on to Air, Hopefully Will Find It's Way off the Air

Bare KnucksAnalyst IAugust 19, 2009

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 18:  Shaquille O' Neal of the Cleveland Cavaliers talks as he tapes a segment with boxer Oscar De La Hoya for the new ABC television series 'Shaq Vs.' at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino August 18, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The reality show, which launches tonight, follows O'Neal as he competes against star athletes in their respective sports.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

In contemporary media, television series have progressively gotten more and more ridiculous. ‘Wipeout,’ ‘ I Survived a Japanese Game Show,’ ‘ Moment of Truth,’ ‘Celebrity Circus’ etc…you name it you got it. How some of these shows get green-lit is beyond me. In all seriousness, who can sit down and watch a full episode of ‘Greatest American Dog?’

Anyways, it’s no surprise these outlandish ideas have made their way to our sports world. ‘The T.O. Show,’ whose cable rating (798th) tied the 5 AM showing of ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ is an example of one of these shows currently airing. In all honesty, I find the show to be quite entertaining, but it’s ludicrous nonetheless. For the reason being I had nothing worthwhile to do on a Tuesday night, I figured I’d give Shaquille O’Neal’s new show ‘Shaq Vs.’ a shot. In hindsight, it was a terrible idea.

What an awful, awful idea for a show, and what a poor decision by ABC to give in to this outrageous program. We get it Shaqalicious; you’re a likeable and humorous guy, but that doesn’t mean we want to tune in to your absurd challenges. In case you aren’t familiar with the premise of the show, Shaq challenges some of the World’s best athletes in their own game.

Looking back at it, I can’t believe I actually gave the show a chance. It’s completely silly. Does Shaq really think he is going to beat Michael Phelps swimming laps, jack more homers than Albert ‘The Machine’ Pujols or sling more TD’s than Ben Roethlisberger? If he does, he is delusional and should seek help.

In the professional sports world, Shaq is definitely not the only one with a giant ego (unless you translate that literally i.e. size & weight). I understand that professional athletes are extremely confident and believe very highly in themselves, but that doesn’t mean you start calling out the best athletes in other sports. For example, I may think fairly highly of myself, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to challenge LeBron James in a dunk contest. It’s preposterous.

Bottom line is this; the foundation of Shaq’s show is downright stupid, and the people who will continue to watch it are just as dim-witted. I don’t care if it’s the only thing on TV Tuesday night, I’d rather tune in to Antique Road Show.

I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Shaq Vs’ finishes with worse cable ratings than the Terrell Owens show; after all, it’s certainly worse. [Sport news you can drink a beer to -]