What Favre means for fantasy owners

Justin HulseyCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2009

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Did we honestly, for a second, believe him when he assured us there was “no chance” he would ever play again?

This afternoon, as Brett Favre arrived at Minnesota’s training facility, coach Brad Childress told Jay Glazer that “Favre is a done deal”.

So I think it is fair to say, even if it’s not official, that he’s back to being a starting quarterback?

The only question that remains is if he’s back to being a fantasy starting quarterback?

The answer to that is very simple:

However, he might be able to help you, and is certainly not a bad QB on your bench. He will be picked up in the majority of leagues, so don’t wait. Chances are, somebody will get him.

My quarterback, for my team, is Drew Brees. I took him with the 11th pick and then snagged Carson Palmer in the ninth round. So I don’t really feel the need to have a third string playcaller.

BUT, if you don’t feel comfortable with your QB depth, go and get Brett Favre.

For example: If you took Donovan McNabb to be your starter and then landed Jake Delhomme to be your backup, I would say you should consider taking Favre.

Another example: If you took Brady in the second round and then decide you were good on QBs, pick up Favre.

I drafted the #1 fantasy QB out there and still didn’t feel comfortable with just him. So I took Palmer. If for some reason you only have one quarterback, I would suggest picking up somebody.

There is another side of this as well. For those of you considering taking Turner with the first pick, think again.

Before this whole Favre thing went down, I was pondering the idea of shocking everybody with Turner if given the No. 1 pick. However, the Favre addition changes all of that.

Before today, Minnesota had one of the worst passing games in the league. Now, they are a threat.

Defenses can no longer just stack the line waiting for Peterson to get the ball. Now, they have to respect the passing game.

Peterson’s value actually goes up because of all of this Favre nonsense, and becomes the clear-cut, without a doubt, number one pick.

Bottom line(s):

Favre is not a bad bench QB and, if lucky, may throw for 3,400 yards and 25 touchdowns.

Adrian Peterson becomes the unanimous favorite for the first pick and will actually benefit from this. Peterson’s numbers are going to be even more impressive.

Minnesota’s WRs, Bernard Berrian and Sidney Rice, are going to see several more looks and should become actual threats (on the field and for fantasy). I would expect a 1,000-yard season from Berrian, and at least six touchdowns from Mr. Rice.

Draft accordingly, and until next time, take it easy.

- Jay -