Greg Paulus Adds Division 1 Quarterback To His Resume

Kevin LContributor IAugust 18, 2009

I'm sure most people were shocked and probably a little annoyed when they heard Greg Paulus was named the staring QB at Syracuse.

After all, it's in vogue to hate on the Duke basketball program these days, particularly their white players. It's just a fact; and it's been like this for awhile.


Christian Laettner was hated on, but he was good and knew it. Ditto for J.J. Redick.


Contempt for Paulus was of a different kind, more along the lines of a Steve Wojciechowski.


Paulus, like the floor-slapping Wojo, was a small, scrappy point guard whose best attributes on the basketball court were competitiveness and heart.


This annoys the hell out of non-Duke college basketball fans for whatever personal reasoning.


When Paulus was relegated to the bench his senior season in favor of Nolan Smith, legions of fans across the college basketball landscape found it amusing, and thoroughly enjoyed and mocked his demotion.


What did this three-year starter and two-time captain do?


Paulus did nothing but keep his mouth shut and play hard as he always did; willing to accept whatever reduced role he was given for the good of the team.


It was admirable, to say the least.


So now, in addition to starting at PG for a Division 1 basketball powerhouse, he can add starting quarterback in the Big East to his resume, at least for the moment.


Regardless if this is just a publicity stunt to generate interest in a struggling program, and Paulus falls flat on his face (as he easily could considering Syracuse stinks and he's been away from football for so long), this is a neat story, and I'd have to say Paulus is getting the last laugh.