Jan MandelContributor IAugust 18, 2009

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN - AUGUST 18: Brett Favre (C), Mark Wilf (L) and Zygi Wilf show the media Favre's Minnesota Vikings jersey on August 18, 2009 at Winter Park in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. (Photo by Scott A. Schneider/Getty Images)


Not all…but I can hear it now from some of my Packer Brethren…”BREAK HIM, BUST HIS KNEES, DO A BRADY ON HIM, BURN HIS JERSEY, FREAKING DIVA…PIECE OF SH#T, LYING BA$T@&D”…and that is probably the nice things.


   First let me say I want the Packers to win, think they can do well this season…I want Rodgers to do well & think he will have a successful career…I always thought the gay name calling & boo’s at Aaron were bad & unfair, if you disagreed with the transition, fine, didn’t need to blame Rodgers, this was a decision by Thompson & the organization. This is a business, Packers have gone in there direction, Favre has gone his.  I believe Thompson is a good man & doing what he thinks is best for the team & had the right to do so …I have not been a fan of Thompson regarding many of his team decisions and the 31-33 record, 1 winning season in 4 yrs.…and I don’t have to mention anything regarding the Favre divorce. “But in this article” I will use only 2 statements during a blog from Packer ReportER Tom Silverstein in which he stated:


“As for how the Packers could have handled things better, do you truly believe that Bob Harlan wouldn't have handled that situation better than Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy? Harlan would have forced Thompson and Favre to meet and hash out their differences. He would have met with Favre personally if necessary. My guess is he also would have instructed Thompson to stay in touch with Favre during the off-season and make sure his retirement was final. Murphy's decision to go down and try to offer Favre $20 million in a post-retirement deal was ill-conceived. Favre's not an easy guy to handle, but the Packers could have done more to keep the lines of communication open”.


 Tom Silverstein - I don't think he should consider the fans in this instance. He's a professional football player. He's a businessman, just like the owner of an NFL team. Do you think the owners are thinking about you when they raise ticket prices? Do you think they are thinking of you when they cut your favorite player? Favre has every right to choose where he wants to play -- if he's able to do so -- and how long he wants to play. You don't have to like the way he has handled his situation and you certainly don't have to be a fan of his. But he gets to make decisions about his life.


I have hated the Vikings as much as anyone & I have always been a Packer fan 40+ Yrs. through the good & bad yrs.  I have always been a Favre Fan through the good & bad, while maintaining my cheese head. 


I HAVE MANY MIXED EMOTIONS AND IT WILL BE TOUGH, WEIRD, WISHED HE’D STAYED RETIRED….but this is not for me to say….just like it’s not for me to comment about who you should work for our when you should retire. 

Brett made millions yes…but he made the Packers Multiple Times that, helped make Green Bay Businesses millions, gave a few million to charity’s.  His successes helped to turn the franchise around after 25 yrs. of crap. Some say Favre was overrated…yea he was overrated 160+ times for the Pack, 3 X MVP’s, 5 X NFC player of the year, went to 2 Super Bowls & won us 1, and most of the QB records…he still owes the Packers? 


Some say Brett threw to many dumb interceptions, yes some were bad, F.Y.I. he threw 9,280 passes & 310 went for interceptions…you do the ratio and compare with the all time greats…I think you will be surprised at Brett’s ranking in percentage.


 If you think the stadium tax bill which allowed us to renovate the stadium to make more money & compete with the big boys passes without Favre's led successes…your crazy, it barely passed as the Pack was the winningest team for over a decade before that.  


Brett messed up changing his mind mine back & forth yes…I believe he could of used R.I.P. Big Irv & his Father-In Law during these times.  It would have been nice to have him retire a Packer and ride off into the sun set…but the reality of life & sports these days it usually doesn’t end that way.


It pains a lot of people but the Viking ownership is rolling the dice…and let’s face it…they are showing some balls.  Vikings are 32nd in revenue sharing …which means the Wilf’s are spending there own money.  They are trying to get a new stadium.  It is there 50th anniversary with 4 Super Bowl failures.  They have the best non QB in the league in the running back Peterson…the best runner in the NFL behind a great offensive line.  Receiver’s that will become better & a solid defense.  Brett is probably one of the most competitive players in history & wants to go out on top and win a Super Bowl.  That would stick it to all his critics.


Favre has some big Kahunna’s himself …in that he is willing to take such risk’s & chances, and endure the vile comments & criticism, to be successful and go out a winner…or go out on a pile of Sh#t & ridicule and for this I admire his guts, because most of us would be afraid to do it! 


After all it is not life or death…it is just football.


In the end his legacy is his, his past Packer teammates which I heard several comment today, say they still want to win, and does not change what they are trying to accomplish,.." but "...had nothing but high praise & positive supportive things to say towards Brett. 

If you don’t like it…don’t watch.  This is good for the NFL and I will be willing to bet that Oct. 5th on Monday night, I’ll know exactly what most football fans will be watching.


Let the games begin…and ‘LET THE BEST TEAM WIN