Rosenfel's Reaction To Favre Signing...Disgusting.

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Rosenfel's Reaction To Favre Signing...Disgusting.
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I just read the interview with Sage Rosenfels after practice today and I just about puked. When asked about requesting a trade, his first response was "I haven't thought about that yet." Disgusting.

After today's news, I think the reaction of the other QBs really spoke to each of their respective characters. Tarvaris Jackson calls it like it is, recognizes that there isn't anything he can do about it other than improve his own play and he was overall pretty professional.  

Sage debated whether he wanted to be traded or not, made it clear that he was disappointed and frustrated, but said he would continue on as if he was anointed the starter. 

Therein, my friends, lies the issue. 

In his short tenure with the Vikings, I have not been impressed with the attitude I've seen from Sage. Honestly, his complaints about the Vikings signing Favre are childish and disruptive. The fact that he seems to think that just because they gave a 4TH ROUND PICK for him that he should just be handed the starting QB job here is borderline arrogant. 

I was really for the trade in the beginning, but this doesn't seem like the type of guy that I would want leading my team. 

Firstly, let's call a spade a spade here, this wasn't the ideal way to go about things.  No, the ideal way would have been for us to draft Aaron Rodgers four years ago instead of Troy Williamson. 

The ideal way would have been for Jackson to STEP UP and be the QB that he was drafted to be instead of the on-again/off-again enigma that he has been. Neither of those events had happened, which leads us to the roller-coaster ride us Vikings fans have been on for the past four months. 

Regardless of how we got here, the Vikings front office has an obligation to its fans, owners, and everyone who believes in the game of football to field the best possible team that it can. If your quarterbacks are SO BAD that a wishy-washy, 40 year-old, future Hall of Fame QB in the twilight of his career is the best possible option to bring the first Super Bowl to a hungry franchise, then it is their duty to make every effort to sign him. 

Football is a business and, despite what some backup signal-callers would have to say, this was the best possible move for the Minnesota Vikings franchise. 

It gives them the best opportunity for a Super Bowl (this year), it is a brilliant marketing move, and it has the opportunity to go down as one of the greatest or possibly dumbest moves in NFL history. 

I've been a Vikings fan for 12 years now (since I've been a fan of the NFL) and this is the most excited I've been since 1998.  I'm also a lot more excited than I was this time yesterday that's for sure.

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