WWE Rushes Divas Match: The Finish Speaks Volumes

Christi LottCorrespondent IAugust 18, 2009

(Before I begin, work has kept me extremely busy, and it has caused me to really have no energy to be motivated to write. Hopefully I'll get this weekend off and can update with a few articles. Now, on to the good stuff.)

When I heard Freddie Prinze, Jr. announce that there would be two championship matches on RAW last night, I immediately knew the Divas Championship would be one of them. It's obvious that the WWE isn't too fond of having the divas in an actual match at a PPV unless it's absolutely necessary, like at NOC. So, after winning the No. 1 Contender's match just a week ago, the WWE decides, instead of building up the match and possibly turn Gail Kim heel, put Mickie James' title on the line last night, obviously intending for it not to happen at Summerslam this Sunday.

I was excited and nervous at the same time about the match. These two vets are some of the best wrestlers on the Diva roster, so the expectation for a good match was there. However, there was a severe lack of momentum and build-up for the match. In fact, the only storyline aspect was that Kim won the No. 1 Contender's match. The two didn't have a feud or snipe at each other in the ring. I think this immediately took the fans out of this match. These two are faces, though Kim is at an obvious disadvantage in being a face that gets little applause.

The match—save the ending—was an above average match. Kim really showed off her speed and high flying skills while Mickie was able to be able to hang with a fellow vet, something she hasn't done in quite a while. The two had some nice spots, especially for this being their first match against one another.

There was some obvious trouble with time. The WWE gave them such short amount of time to do anything that they rushed their big spots, and were obviously trying to make the match exciting. The nice lucha-style roll of the small package was nice, not something seen on WWE TV. The counters in going for the same move at the same time as well as blocking each other's finishers were nice spots as well.

Then, the last thirty seconds happened. Kim, going for her patented crossbody, missed it. That part made sense, as I didn't expect Mickie to lose. But as soon as she landed, you could tell she didn't land right. Mickie tried to go for her finisher, but she didn't quite get herself up, as she tends to do, and Gail not only didn't help, but didn't sell it either.

That's when I knew something was up. This wasn't Rosa or Kelly or some no-name developmental Diva. Gail knows what she's doing and then some; so for her to miss something like that made no sense. Mickie then decided to go for the Chick Kick, which as we saw, thanks to the camera angle, did not connect at all; and while Gail was standing there, she was obviously wobbly on her feet. Mickie finally got her down with an elbow to the face and the match was over.

I'm not a fan of Mickie's reaction after the fact. She looked extremely mad, and I do hope she's mad at the situation in general and not at Kim. She as a veteran should've recognized more than anyone that Gail not selling the DDT had to mean something was up. Even in going for the second one, she should've known something was up. She didn't noticeably check on Gail to make sure she's alright. She just looked pissed at the end result.

If anything, the finish was really the physical manifestation of what the WWE did. These two obviously have not wrestled each other, and in some parts it showed. The story wasn't there, the two have no chemistry as opponents because they're still friendly faces in the ring. The WWE gave them little time to try to do anything, so the rushing they actually did obviously put them in a dangerous place.