TNA Hard Justice: Did TNA Drop The Ball...Again?

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IAugust 18, 2009

LAS VEGAS - DECEMBER 07:  Pro wrestler Kurt Angle arrives at Spike TV's 2007 'Video Game Awards' at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on December 7, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Everyone has shot out their fair share of their disdain for this past Sunday's TNA Hard Justice. Now it's my turn. But before I start, I would like to tell TNA that you listened to us at Bleacher Report. You heard our cries for change, and gave us a ray of hope...

All that for about five minutes.

After giving us a vulnerable spot in the Mafia, and following that up with the biggest riot in TNA History, you gave us a mediocre at best pay per view that consisted of this:

#1) The Main Event Elite holds 98% of the power in TNA once again with Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash laying claim to the only titles that the Mafia Elite didn't have.

#2) Eric Young became the equalizer in the IWGP World Tag Team Championship Match when he provided enough distraction to allow The British Infestation to win their match.

#3) Cody Deaner defeated Angelina Love to win the TNA Knockouts Championship...only to not give it to his Knockouts partner, ODB.

#4) Jethro Holliday failed to defeat Abyss...but was able to knockout Dr. Stevie after the match.

And #5) Despite his legal troubles leading up to Hard Justice, TNA decided to keep Kurt Angle as TNA Champion.

I will address all five of these one at a time.

No. 1) Xterminated and Old Folks' Gold

Samoa Joe couldn't defeat Homicide following last month's pay per view, but somehow, he was able to hold off his temper to choke out the LAX member to once again become the X-Division Champion. How is that even possible? Samoa Joe is not as intimidating as he was before his injury.

As for Homicide, he was just returning from a personal leave himself to defeat Suicide to become X Division Champion. Now we have to see another one of those "unbeatable" title runs from Samoa Joe? TNA, what are you thinking?

As for Old Folks' Gold, Kevin Nash defeated fellow Senior Citizen Mick Foley to win back the TNA Legends Championship. For starters, this title belongs on someone who has more than just one strand of grey hair on their head and/or face.

Nash has been riddled with injury over the final stretch of his career. He should have retired when he had the chance. But Foley is not safe either. It was good when he was behind the scenes, but when he decided to step back in the ring, that's when things took a turn for the worse.

In any event, TNA needs to put one of their originals behind that strap ASAP!!!

No. 2) Eric Young goes from Turkey to Goat

Since when did Eric Young become the most dangerous and unbeatable guy in TNA? Really, when did EY become the man in TNA? After years of being the scapegoat in Team Canada as well as a singles competitor, he is now the official scapegoat of World Elite.

Can the leader of WE and the leader of MEM actually coexist?

Not a chance. World Elite dropped the ball on Sunday night when Hernandez decimated the entire British Infestation to reclaim his stolen property: The Feast or Fired Briefcase they took from him.

On the Mafia side, all of them left HJ with gold. The Infestation remained New Japan World Tag Team Champions. But with Hernandez winning back his briefcase, how long will it be before Super Mex wins the TNA World Heavyweight Championship?

No. 3) Cody Deaner, the new TNA Knockouts Champion?!

Do I even need to say what is wrong with this picture? Didn't WWE pull this same stunt many moons ago? You know, the whole "male wins female championship" thing. If it wasn't for ODB, Deaner wouldn't even be in TNA.

So how does he repay her? He gets the pin, the win...and the gold.

If TNA wants to save face, they need to fix this issue, right now! Either award the gold to Angelina or ODB. But do not dig back up arguably the dumbest and worst storyline in wrestling history.

Deaner is not Andy Kaufman...and Kaufman wasn't even that entertaining then.

No. 2) What is the real purpose of resurrecting ECW?

Over the past few months, TNA has been going back in time on several occasions. They started several years ago with the arrival of Sting, Rhino and Christian. They raised the bar with the arrival of Kurt Angle.

But over the last few months, the original ECW has been resurrected in the form of several superstars on the TNA Roster.

First came Dr. Stevie aka Steven Richards. Then along comes the return of Raven and Shane Douglas for a brief encounter with Abyss and Christopher Daniels. The final blow came when Tazz returned to join the side of Samoa Joe and the Nation of Violence.

Is TNA planning to make itself a little more...extreme?

Either way, the ploy hasn't worked. Only Tazz and Richards have survived the long hiatus of being out of the ring. But if you're not going to make things extreme, then get rid of Mr. 13 and that raspy voiced clown that has lost his will to compete.

No. 1) Why is TNA kissing Kurt Angle's Ass?

Seriously. Angle has had so many legal troubles over the past two years, that it's insane for a wrestling company to continue promoting him as the main guy in their promotion.

But TNA continues to brush the dirt off their shoulders and keep Angle as the man to beat in the company.

Not Sting, who has seniority over Angle in more ways than one. And not Matt Morgan, who has become quite a dangerous and competitive superstar as of late. After defeating Styles, we all figured that Morgan would be next in line to be champion, if not Sting.

But instead of Sting or Morgan, and despite the most recent legal troubles as well as the HGH, Kurt Angle is still the TNA World Champion. 

Remember when I said that I would no longer write Slamback columns if TNA didn't step up and give me reasons to watch? Well that could be the case here.

All TNA proved to me is that you can be R. Kelly (the infamous Pissing Video), Ike Turner (Beat Up An Icon), Chris Benoit (Enough Said) or for that matter Brock Lesnar when he was WWE Champion.

As long as you sell tickets, you're okay to have as much out of the ring problems as possible.

So TNA, are you ready to prove the Bleacher Report Wrestling Nation wrong...again? 


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