Going Berserk!! Brett Favre is a Viking at Last

Michael ZappContributor IAugust 18, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - NOVEMBER 04: 'Ragnar' the Minnesota Vikings mascot portrayed by Joe Juranitch, entices the home crowd against the San Diego Chargers at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on November 4, 2007 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

OK, let me hear it.

No, not the groan over the Favre circus starting again. I want to hear all of the "experts" tell me why the Vikings are not a Super Bowl contender.

That's right, you didn't misread that, I said Super Bowl. 

For the past few seasons all I have heard from the "experts" is that the Vikings are only a QB away. So what now?

Granted, a 39-year-old QB may not be the best choice, but he is Favre. A mystical creature in his own right. The best part is that he doesn't have to carry the team all by himself.

This is different from the first go-round with un-retirement and his trade to the Jets, because the Vikings were a winning team before he arrived. They won the division last year. They have all the tools to instantly become a favorite in the mild NFC waters.

The defense is anchored by the Williams wall.  They can generate pressure off the ends.

Antoine Winfield is a clear example of a shut down corner. They have ranging safeties who can also deliver a hit and support the run. 

The linebackers are much better than people give them credit for.  E.J. Henderson and Chad Greenway could be pro bowlers this year.

The offense is stacked!  AP all day! 

Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin are able to stretch the field.  Sidney Rice and Bobby Wade are quality possession receivers. Visanthe Shiancoe is becoming a decent receiving threat in the middle. 

The line has mammoth bookends. Steve Hutchinson is the clear leader on the line. John Sullivan is a workhorse and wants the challenge in the middle. 

It has been said that if the Vikings could get "serviceable" play at the QB position, they would be tough to contend with this year.

Favre may not be the gunslinger of years gone by but he doesn't have to be anymore. He has genuine desire to help the team.  Even a Brett Favre at 75% is better than Jackson at 100%. 

It has never been a question of talent or ability. It has been about decision-making and management.  The Vikings now have a true game manager to control the offense.

So now, I ask you "experts" from various stations and sites. What is the drawback to the Vikings now?  I don't want to hear about Favre as a diva. Chad Ochocinco has been that for years and you still sing his praises.

Chemistry will be formed in the next month of the preseason.  What defensive coordinator can now be satisfied to stack the box with 8- and 9-man fronts to stop Peterson?  This offense will now demand a balanced defensive front. 

How does one plan for this type of team anymore?  The defense will suffocate your offense.  The offense will destroy your defense.  The fans will make you hear them for days afterward.

In the true fashion of the Vikings of old, Berserkers will rule the fields once again.