Brett Favre: "My Wife Made Me Do It!"

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Brett Favre:
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Brett Favre, citing retirement fatigue, claims his wife Deanna forced him out of retirement and back out onto the football field.

Neighbors repeatedly overheard domestic squabbles between the Hall of Famer and his better half.

One neighbor, calling herself Cindy Lou, said the squabbles started to take on an ugly turn in the last few weeks.

"There were fishing poles and football pads flying out of the front door onto the lawn almost every day!"  Cindy said.

It appears a restless Favre had his fill of sitting in front of the television over the last few months.

Others close to the Favre family have claimed Favre was in bad sorts over not being selected by Dancing with the Stars. Favre claimed the producers of Dancing with the Stars just didn't seem to have any interest in him, and this was just way too much to take for the Super Bowl hero's larger-than-life ego.

He was also overheard in a local diner mumbling about not being able to land his own reality show, lamenting, "If TO can have his own reality show, why can't I?"

All said and done, it was his wife Deanna who pushed Brett out of the front door and onto a flight to Minnesota.

Anonymous sources close to the situation claimed Brett refused to do chores around the house like cut the grass, clean the gutters and take out the garbage.

"These things are all beneath me," he confided to a neighbor, "and I refuse to do them."

All said, the straw that broke the camel's back came when Deanna discovered Brett had filled up a woodshed in the backyard with losing lottery tickets. 

"The situation with the lotto tickets tipped the apple cart over," one neighbor said. "Not a single winner outside of a free game in the whole lot."

All the cash spent on losing lotto tickets has caused further speculation that Brett had to come out of retirement in order to save his finances and his marriage.

All of this offseason activity put Favre's sleepy Mississippi community a bit on edge.

Another unnamed source stated: "I went to go see if Brett wanted to go hunting one day, and all I got was a scream from the house, "Go ask the purple people eaters if they want to go!'"

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