Ideas For Wrestlers, Chapter 1: Bandit

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Ideas For Wrestlers, Chapter 1: Bandit

Hey b/r! I'm back. I was bored on b/r, but now I'm back to take the section by storm. Or at least I hope I can. Anyways I'm here with my new series/book. It's filled with ideas for WWE superstars. Chapter one starts with a superstar called Bandit.

Who is he?

Bandit is a former criminal. He was sent to jail for robbing a place. After he was released he went to the Indy Circuit. After 2 years in the Indy Circuit he was approached by TNA. TNA signed the man. He would wrestle in TNA for two years under the name Criminal.

He would win 3 X Division titles before getting fired by TNA for crazy antics done outside of wrestling. Two months later he would get signed by WWE.

Making his way across the brands

One fall day he would arrive on ECW and introduce himself with the name, Bandit. He would wrestle with ECW up until the WWE draft. During that time, he would win one ECW championship.

At the WWE draft, Bandit would get drafted by SmackDown. After a month or so, he would turn heel. This would benefit his career a lot. He would spend 3 and 1/2 years on SmackDown, winning the World Title once, the IC championship 5 times, and tag team gold twice.

He would then make his way onto Raw in a 8 man trade between SmackDown and Raw. He would carry the World title to Raw with the WWE champion being traded to SmackDown. He would later than continue his career on Raw.

He would hit his prime winning the World title seven more times, tag team gold one more time, and US title twice.

Mood swings

This is a short segment describing the Heel/Face turns.

TNA= Heel

Debut-WWE Draft= Face

WWE draft-Trade= Heel

Trade-Rest of career= Hardcore face

Wrestling Style/Move set

Style: High flyer

Finisher: Robbed

Description: Bandit catches his opponents with his legs. With the head between the legs Bandit would slam his face onto the mat.

Signature moves:

Drop kick

Shooting Star

450 splash








Leg Drop

Taunts: Makes gun with hand and points it at opponent

Puts hands around opponents throat

Makes fun of opponent's taunts

Career Break Down


On TNA Bandit (or Criminal) would be strictly about the high flying. He would compete in TNA's X Division winning the title three times. He would have a 50-match winning streak before finaly having it broken by Daniels.

He would trade the title with him until he would get fired. The cause of him being fired were speculations of him setting a house on fire. And TNA didn't need that bad publicity.


Two months after being fired by TNA, WWE would sign the wily, superstar and send him to ECW. On ECW, Bandit would have to work his way up. He would start with some of the less talented superstars and then make his way to the top.

He would then fight Christian Cage and Vladmir Kozlov for a shot at Shelton Benjamin's ECW Championship. He would win and go into a feud with Shelton that no one would forget. He would have face Shelton three times until he would finally capture the belt.

But just before the WWE draft, he would drop the belt to Cage. He would then make his way to SmackDown.


On SmackDown, Bandit would begin his slow rise to the top. When arriving on SmackDown he would turn heel. 

He would first start off by wrestling some of the mid card wrestlers. He would then get a shot against the IC champion, Rey Mysterio. This would be an amazing feud with two of the premier high flyers in the business. In this feud, Bandit would capture the title three times.

He would then feud with John Morrison for the IC title, trading it with him a few times and winning it back two times. After ending the feud with Morrison, Bandit would be pushed to the big time. First he would get a tag team title reign with CM Punk. They would lose the titles after a few months. They would get the titles back, only to lose them again.

He would then feud with Edge (who will hopefully be face) for the World Title. Bandit would get four shots at the title. He would fail the first three times, but the fourth time he would try he would win the title and then carry it to Raw when part of that trade.


On Raw he would turn back into a face, but not into one of those baby ones. He would turn into a hardcore face. A good example of one of those is Stone Cold Steve Austin.

He would dominate Raw until he met one by the name of Randy Orton. He would trade the World title with him for a while with both of them winning it five times.

He would feud with many men retaining the title until he came across John Cena (with him hopefully heel). He would win the title two more times from him, but in the end Cena would get the title.

He would then win the tag team titles with Ted DiBiase, only to lose it at the following PPV.

He would then find his career finishing in the mid-card as he got some US title reigns.

Closing Notes

Remember folks this is just for the fun of fantasy. This will not happen in real life. Well, unless Vince goes on and buys the copyright laws for this character from me (laugh). Anyway hope you enjoyed that.    

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