If We Could Only Create Our Own "Super-Stud" Fantasy Football Players

Italyun StallyunContributor IAugust 18, 2009

NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 15: Jevon Kearse #90 of the Tennessee Titans looks on against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during a preseason NFL game at LP Field on August 15, 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Titans beat the Buccaneers 27-20. (Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

Hey, it's pre-season & kinda boring between games...How about a way to entertain the weak-minded? (It worked on me.) It might be interesting to forget about things like: Saturday' s upcoming team match-up and the possible player mis-matches; who will end up with LB Derrick Brooks and when; or calculating how long it will take for Mike Vick to become just another NFL "old news" story...like Brett Favre?(Not yet!)    

Just for giggles & kicks, let's fantasize for a second about what we could do if we were able to take different qualities...(or even better, different body parts) from players around the league... and co-join them together to create the new "super-heroes" of the football world...(Hey, don't laugh!... We're essentially already doing it with these Fantasy Football Teams). Just think what phenomenal football players we could come up with if it were possible to "CUT & PASTE" their best features and parts together... not unlike Dr. Frankenstein... (I'm feeling just like I sound ...weird.) 

Take, for instance, the moves of a Devin Hester & combine them with the height and leaping ability of a Calvin Johnson, throw in the "surehandedness" of a Jerry Rice and add the speed of a Larry Johnson...the recipe for an unusal, but incredible ...Super-stud Wide Receiver? ( No, I'm not smoking anything wacky...yet!)

Or how about the formula for the same unbelievable-type player in a running back? Would this Super-stud running back have the heart of a Deuce McAlister, the field vision of a Gayle Sayers, the moves of a Barry Sanders, the power of a John Riggins or the speed of a Marcus Allen? (Maybe I'm going back a little too far for some of you...my bad!)

With a good imagination, some different perspectives, and of course, some relevant historical data (from say, the Canton HOF Trivia guide- I'm sure there is one, right?), we could combine these " Ingredients" to fabricate the first ...All Super-Stud fantasy football team, alias the "SS" team ...(please note that I deliberately left off the "A" in the word "all" for rather obvious reasons) our SS Football player could be created at virtually any position, to create... one heck of a fantasy football team. (Maybe I should be taking medication for these kind of thoughts)  

In any event,  I did the recipe for a "S/S Wide Receiver" and a"S/S Running Back"... but, what mixture of qualities or body parts would make ...the S/S Quarterback?   

Your thoughts...your recipes...your handpicked formula for the Super-Stud QB?

You see this is why they should shorten the Pre-season to 2 games!