Report: Anderson Silva to Acknowledge Using Steroids as 'Aid in His Recovery'

Steven RondinaFeatured ColumnistFebruary 28, 2015

USA Today

News that former UFC middleweight champion and possibly the greatest mixed martial artist of all time Anderson Silva had failed multiple drug tests surrounding his UFC 183 bout with Nick Diaz shook the sport to its core.

But while The Spider initially claimed ignorance in relation to the flags, he is reportedly changing his tune.

According to Brazilian news site UOL, via, Silva is "planning to admit to using several banned substances" at his hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission.


The [UOL] report makes clear that Silva will insist that his use of performance enhancing drugs wasn't to gain an advantage on his opponent, but rather as an aid in his recovery from the broken leg suffered in his December 2013 loss to Chris Weidman. Lawyers will also argue that the amount of the substances found in his system were minimal, thus giving him no advantage over his January 31 opponent, Nick Diaz.

Nevertheless, drostanolone and androstane, the two anabolic steroids Silva tested positive for in a pre-fight drug test administered on January 9, are banned by the WADA. Silva then failed a post-fight drug test administered by the NSAC for drostanolone. As noted by, he also tested positive for the antianxiety medications Oxazepam and Temazepam in a separate drug test.

Silva initially denied any wrongdoing and claimed that he planned to challenge the NSAC's findings. Two months before failing the pre-fight drug test, Silva stated that fighters who are caught using PEDs should receive a lifetime ban from the sport.

The former champ will appear before the NSAC next month and likely face a fine and suspension. His win over Diaz will also likely be reversed to a no-contest.

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