Breaking News: McNabb Says He Will Be a Reciever or Tight End.

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Breaking News: McNabb Says He Will Be a Reciever or Tight End.
(Photo by Len Redkoles/Getty Images) reports that former Eagle's quarterback says that he enjoys taking snaps with Vick. He also says that he would even switch positions to a receiver or tight end.

Vick was signed last week with the Eagles for two years. He's not there to kick McNabb of if you think that, he's just there to take snaps with McNabb. In the

McNabb might not even be on the sideline at sometimes, and the question is, why does want to switch positions. No one knows completely yet.

He said "I'll be a receiver. I might be a tight end," he said with a smile Monday. "You never know where I'll be."

It was shocking when he said that at a conference. People were astonished. So far coach Andy Reid isn't revealing anything about him or maybe why McNabb said this. It wouldn't be right if the Eagles put him in defence. The other players were even told that it is ok to have to quarterbacks.

First of all McNabb was the one that went to Reid to say that they should take him.

"He'll get a chance to learn from the best," McNabb said.

 Maybe why McNabb said that he will change positions, is probably to let Vick to learn to be the Eagles quarterback. This might be why, because Vick of coarse didn't do anything that might make McNabb feel like changing positions.

Well lets hope that McNabb stays as a QB with Vick. If McNabb does they might have a chance of going to the Super-Bowl.

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