Arizona Diamondbacks: When Fans Go Bad

Bri DarbyContributor IMay 16, 2008

The unthinkable happened tonight at the D-Backs game.  I actually witnessed section ushers being proactive and saw Chase Field security at its finest.

Let me bring to light the extreme apathy that section ushers of the past have exhibited.  Chase Field is a non-smoking facility. Should you choose to smoke, you need to exit through the appropriate gates to gain re-entry.

More than once, someone in my section decided to light up and puff away, intoxicating myself, others, and even children with their selfish smoke.  I actually don’t like that smell and would prefer if they did it outside the park, in the designated area. 

In order to better serve my fellow D-Backs fans, I promptly told the usher about the problem. He quickly responded by doing nothing.  I’ve watched people complain of a particular foul-mouthed patron who happened to be offending everyone within earshot.  I’ve also watched the ushers do nothing about this.

I may be wrong here, but isn’t it the usher’s job to help people find their seats and to report any disruptive behavior to security?

That being said, going to a baseball game is certainly an elective activity, and in doing so you are assuming that you will be around children.  You will most likely sit next to people who know nothing about baseball or even care.  You will certainly encounter rude drunken fans with no consideration for everyone around them.

Tonight at the game, one lone spectator stood up every time the D-Backs were up to bat.  He didn’t do this because he understood that Eric Byrnes really needs to eradicate this slump or because he knew that the D-Backs were down by two runs and we shouldn’t have a problem beating the Tigers.

He stood up because he was drunk and thought he was impressing everyone around him with his perfect delivery of spoon-fed generic player nicknames.  Numerous times tonight this man was asked to sit down. 

The polite requests eventually became wearisome groans.  Finally, my dear season ticket family member, Sandra, decided to scream at him to sit down.  This was all to no avail, until the unthinkable happened.

What a beautiful thing it is to see security in action.  After hearing multiple complaints I am sure, security stomped down the aisle between sections 134 and 133 and immediately escorted him away from our view. 

Upon his removal, everyone clapped. Most people were clapping because security actually listened to us for once.

Let us hope this is a sign of things to come. The D-Backs organization needs to remember that we actually paid to have a pleasant baseball experience, and that does not include our view being obstructed for half of the game. 

Nor does it include being forced to inhale cigarette smoke from the person three seats in front of us.  If we are going to continue to pay to watch baseball, I expect the D-Backs to make security work. 

After all, I am pretty sure that a tiny portion of my ticket pays for them to stand there.  Security needs to be proactive and “patrol” the stadium to ensure that myself and everyone else in the stadium can enjoy their escape from the heat inside the air-conditioned Chase Field.

Finally, I implore everyone to take note of the drunken idiot standing for no other reason than to stand.  Your coworker from three years ago cannot see you from section 325 when you are seated in 102, so please do not stand up and wave in the middle of a play while talking obnoxiously on your cell phone.  Meet up on the concourse. That is what it’s for. 

For those of you who don’t want to get up and wait in the lines to get your beer, plan ahead a couple of minutes.  If you want another beer, get your money out in the end of an inning when nothing is going on.  When the vendor comes to you, hand him the money you got out earlier so that you don’t have to stand up for five minutes fumbling for your wallet, blocking the view of everyone else.

If you do feel like getting up and waiting in the ridiculous lines, please ask your party what they want you to get for them and collect their money before you stand up.  Getting up and then conversing with your party impedes everyone’s view.  This is all just common courtesy.

I am not trying to tell everyone to never stand up; that is just ludicrous.  By all means, stand up and cheer for the team when it is appropriate.  Just think about others around you when you stand up and realize that they are trying to watch a game. 

Let’s start a trend at Chase Field where fans are considerate of one another and understand that we pay good money to watch a game, not your backside or flailing arms.  I’ll just keep dreaming for now.