Gegard Mousasi: A Strong Case for Contract Swaps in MMA

Nate DoubleAnalyst IAugust 17, 2009

It happens all the time in other sports.

One team is making a strong push for the playoffs, but needs a certain player to make it happen, while another team has this player, but needs some future talent, like a handful of minor leaguers. 

The teams both get what they want and the players all don new uniforms.

Should this be the way things work in MMA?


Gegard Mousasi smashing Strikeforce's light heavyweight champion Renato "Babalu" Sobral in just under a minute and essentially clearing out the division is the issue at hand. 

Sobral, previously ranked between No. 6 and No. 10 in the world at 205 (depending on the rankings you follow), looked like an amateur on Saturday night. Unfortunately, Sobral has also already beaten many of the other light heavyweights on the Strikeforce roster.

The most compelling fight immediately available for Mousasi would be in Kevin Randleman, who lost to Mike Whitehead, who in turn had lost to Sobral.


Strikeforce could also go after King Mo Lawal, who is still a relative rookie in the sport, or perhaps Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, who might challenge Mousasi on the ground.

Instead of having Mousasi waste his time and talent against any of the fighters above, I'd prefer to see something out of the norm, a trade between the UFC and Strikeforce.

The UFC has a well sunk rear naked choke on the light heavyweight talent pool, as they have eight of the top 10 ranked fighters. They also have an impressive roster of up-and-coming fighters, such as Jon "Bones" Jones, who will likely someday be stars.

Lately, the UFC has been pruning down their rosters after almost every event. However, instead of simply releasing fighters they're no longer interested in, they should use them as trade bait for one of the prizes they missed out on when Affliction went belly up.

If the UFC were to part with some of their "contender" level fighters for Mousasi, I think both sides have something to gain.

How does a trade of Carlos Condit, Thales Leites, Sean Sherk, and Gabriel Gonzaga sound for one Gegard Mousasi?

Sean Sherk-Gilbert Melendez would be a great fight for the lightweight title if Josh Thomson remains injured. 

Condit becomes a contender for the welterweight title if Nick Diaz decides to keep toking or starts boxing. 

Thales Leites versus Jake Shields would probably be a great submission war, and even if Strikeforce uses Gonzaga as Fedor food he'd at least add some depth the roster.

I'm not sure contracts can be traded, but it's a thought provoking exercise.

If trades were possible, who would you trade to get Gegard Mousasi in the UFC?