News From The World of Hockey: May 17, 2008

Daniel ArouchianSenior Analyst IMay 16, 2008


Patrick Roy says no to the Colorado Avalanche. Hey, even I knew the answer before the press asked him over and over again. Did these guys live in a cave for the last couple of years?

World Championship goal judge gets fired for mistaken goal. How can he call that play a goal and the replays show clearly it was not ? Maybe he needs glasses?

The NHL finally approved Martin Erat’s $31.5 million contract. I’m still trying to figure out why so much money for a player like him. Oh yeah, they are rebuilding. Whatever that means.

A couple of news items just for the Wild Fans.

A popular hang-out for Detroit Red Wings fan goes bulletproof.  I guess Montreal isn’t the only place where people like to “celebrate” after a victory.

Cammie Granato, Geraldine Heaney and Angela James get inducted in the International Ice Hockey Federation Hall of Fame.

Yankee Stadium might not host the New Year’s day outdoor game. Never know with New York.

Canada and Russia to face off during final at World Championship. Turn back the clock to 1972 Summit Series.

More headaches for the NHL front office. As if they don’t have enough to do already. Remember they still have to think about that dress code.

Laviolette to stay with Hurricanes. He’s still on the island..for now.

Johan Franzen will be out for game 5 against Dallas.

Jacques Martin to remain with the Panthers for a long time.