Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler Comments Overblown

Nick SheSenior Analyst IAugust 17, 2009

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A lot of people are crawling on Jay Cutler's back today due to his comments regarding the interception thrown in the direction of Devin Hester.

In case you aren't familiar with the comments, "Devin's more of a go get it guy, he's not really an over the shoulder or jump up and get it so you learn from it, ya know, we made some mistakes, its the first preseason game and luckily enough we have some time to correct them and keep going."

Did I miss something? I must have because I have no clue why there has been even a hint of an uproar about these comments.

Cutler included nothing that any Bears fan didn't already know in the fact that Devin Hester isn't a go-get-it type, nor did he say anything negative towards the former Miami Hurricane.

Any Bears fan or observer is aware that Hester is a receiver who likes to catch the ball on the run or when it is thrown to a spot that he doesn't have to worry about getting hit. It's the truth and I'm sure Hester himself wouldn't even argue the point. However, the new star quarterback called out a flaw in another player's game, so everyone has to act like Cutler was completely shedding the blame.

Did he say that Hester has to get better? No, he stated that "we" made the mistakes, not "him" or "Devin". Cutler is well aware that the pass was anything but pretty and he never denied that fact. I have no doubt that these comments by J-C didn't do anything to divide the locker room like some sports media types in the city of Chicago have stated.

It's entirely ludicrous to think anything less of Jay Cutler for what happened on Saturday night in Buffalo. He made a bad throw that he didn't once deny and made a statement that his game along with Devin Hester's needs to improve.

Would anyone argue this? Not one bit, now let's stop making a big deal out of this please.