CFL: Roughriders Avoid Comeback Scare In Win Over Ti-Cats

TJ ZwarychSenior Writer IAugust 16, 2009

It was an up and down game to say the least, but the Saskatchewan Roughriders managed to overcome the new and improved Hamilton Tiger Cats. The Riders owned the entire first half scoring 23 points while holding the Ti-Cats to zero points and -11 net yards. The Ti-Cats however turned it up in the third quarter as they eventually tied the game up at 23. In the end, the Riders were just to much for the Ti-Cats as they came up with the victory, in a 33-23 thriller.

The Riders seem to be now moving in the right direction as they snapped a two game home losing streak and had a few players with break out games. Wes Cates had yet to have a game over 100 yards rushing before today, and only had 1 over fifty. Today, Cates finally got the ball as much as he deserves and had 117 yards rushing on 19 carries. Jason Clermont also started getting balls thrown his way which is great to see. Clermont had 4 receptions for 66 yards and was the Roughriders' leading receiver. Darian Durant played a decent game, and certainly a much better game then his stats indicate. He threw 30 passes in which he completed 15 for 193 yards, but had to throw many passes out of bounds for lack of open recievers. Durant also had 49 rushing yards and but got pulled in short yardage situations where 2 touchdowns were scored. John Chick played fantastic in his first game back from injury. Chick had 2 sacks, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery. The Riders are very pleased to see him back to his old self being a serious threat on the line.

Hamilton had a terrible first half and just couldn't muster up enough points to win. Quinton Porter played only the first quarter and did not do good. Porter went 1-5 for only 3 yards before being pulled for Kevin Glenn who played the rest of the game. Glenn faired better, but not well enough to get the job done. He went 12-27 for 183 yards and 1 touchdown. Play calling was also a bit questionable for the Ti-Cats. The rain was clearly affecting the passing abilities of their quarterbacks. Multiple passes slipped out of the hands of both teams quarterbacks but especially those of the Tiger Cats. Deandra Cobb, one of the leagues best rushers had only 6 carries for 29 yards and 1 touchdown. Now there is no way in a normal game that Cobb should only have 6 carries, but in a game where it was pouring rain it should be even more. Now I know the Tabbys were playing from behind the whole game, but they needed to find more ways to get the ball to their star player. Even from behind, they should still run plays such as outside handoffs and screen passes. Not only did they not run the ball with him often, he only had 2 receptions for 4 yards. I don't know if it was all the media critisism or what, but the run stopping defense of the Riders did a great job of containing Cobb.

Both of these teams now have the same records at 4-3. The Riders managed to put there home woes to a hault and also captured a tie for first in the West while the Tiger Cats continued their struggling ways against the Riders. The Tabbys still sit second in the East, and in my opinion, even despite this loss, they will stay there for the rest of the season.