Michael Vick Signing Overshadows Injuries, Distractions in Philadelphia

Jimmy DuncanContributor IAugust 16, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - 2009:  Juqua Parker of the Philadelphia Eagles poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by NFL Photos)

Dear Mr. Vick,

I wanted to take this chance to say thank you so much for making Eagles fans everywhere forget that, just last week, I was arrested for possession of marijuana.


Juqua Parker

Say what you wish about the signing of Michael Vick. But good or bad, Vick's acquisition overshadows a bigger problem in the Eagles' nest.

Actually, it overshadows a few problems.

If the Eagles are going anywhere this season, they will have to overcome the injuries and distractions that have plagued them since training camp started.

The distractions have been many.

Defensive end Juqua Parker (pictured) was arrested on August 5th during a routine traffic stop for possession of marijuana.

With starter Victor Abiamiri's injury, more will be expected of Parker. Is he going to have the focus to deliver?

The Eagles have a new defensive coordinator in 2009, under the worst of circumstances.

Long time defensive guru Jim Johnson passed away at the beginning of camp, leaving a gaping hole in the Birds coaching staff. Philly's defensive units ranked in the league's top ten seven times during Johnson's ten season tenure.

"Attack the quarterback. Blitz. Get after the quarterback" is how Sean McDermott described Johnson's defensive scheme. And he plans on continuing what Johnson started in Philadelphia. Only time will tell if he is able to get the same results.

Injuries have plagued this team during the preseason.

Starting MLB Stuart Bradley is out for the year with a blown ACL. Same story with rookie TE Cornelius Ingram. Both players were factors in the Birds' plans this season.

There's a new offensive line in place, but both tackles (Jason Peters, Shawn Andrews) are out. When they do come back, you'll have a group of guys who haven't really had the chance to play together and gel.

This could mean trouble for the guys lining up behind them in the beginning of the season.

And then there's this Vick guy.

What does his signing mean for the quarterback position in Philly this year? Will he be the wildcat catalyst pundits expect him to be?

At practice, he's exclusively played quarterback.

What does that mean for Kevin Kolb, currently nursing his own injury? Did he or A.J. Feeley get their tickets out of town punched with this move? Not to mention, what's going through the mind of starter Donovan McNabb?

Andy Reid pulled the trigger last season, benching him for a young, inexperienced Kolb. How quick does Reid go to the bench this year with a former Pro Bowler in wait?

The coaching staff and the front office seem to think they have it all under control.

Only time will tell how true that statement is.