Is Kasey Kahne Bumper Car Racing With Juan Pablo Montoya?

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Is Kasey Kahne Bumper Car Racing With Juan Pablo Montoya?
(Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Another week of racing came with another bump on Juan Pablo Montoya’s car by Kasey Kahne .

At Pocono Kahne gave Montoya a huge bump and almost got him into the wall, but Juan was able to take control of the car and save his top ten.

This week it cost Juan Pablo about 43 points...again! Kahne when up the track and bumped Juan, giving him a nice present—a flat tire—and almost bumped him from the Chase.

Once okay, it could happen. But twice? I’ll have to think about that one .

If they are supposed to be friends, I say, who needs friends like that.

If I was Juan, Kahne would be off my Christmas list right now!

Juan Pablo needs to do one of two things: Have a nice long walk with Kahne, along with a nice long talk, preferably somewhere in an empty garage, just the two of them! You know what I’m saying?

The other thing would be to punt his rear in the first race of the Chase.

That sounds fair to me.

I’m not saying Kasey is head hunting, but he has played bumper cars with the same partner, the No. 42 car, the last few weeks. Agree? 

Is he at least a reasonable suspect to be bumper racing? Just asking!

Do you know what I call bumper racing?

Well, I’ll tell you, it is to gain spots in the Chase but bumping off your nearest competitor.

I don't think he is doing that, but I'd be lying if I did not tell you that at least I thought about it.

The fact baby blue eyes is such a good driver makes me think wonder what's going on here. Kahne's got great car control.

Do the moves on Juan the last few weeks make you a bit suspicious?

Please let me make this clear. I'm not making accusations. I'm just speculating, just doing the NASCAR thing by guessing!

Now before you ladies who are enchanted by Kasey's blue eyes and go off on me, just remember, just because he looks like a price and a saint doesn’t mean he is one. Agree?

As always folks, this is just my opinion.

Luckily Montoya got a lucky dog with about 30 laps to go and gained about 15 spots .

He remains seventh in the chase, but lost about 43 points to the 13th spot.

Wish I was the No. 42 crew chief. These would be my instructions for Bristol: If the No. 9 is near you, get away from him. If you can’t do that, punt his ass! End of story!

Another great week in the best soap opera in the world, NASCAR.

It’s great entertainment, although sometimes you've got to dig for it.

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