Can Issac Redman Be The Drill Bit In The Steeler Rushing Attack?

Vicki FarriesCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2009

I had a pass to be on the field (it pays to know people), and while observing third down drills, my eye caught this running back bursting through the line to score a touchdown.

All I saw was the No. 33 and not having a roster in hand, I wondered who is No. 33?

Another drill, he burst through the line speeding down for a touchdown again.

OK, I thought, I want to know who the heck is No. 33.

I found someone with a roster and ask “who is No. 33?”

“Isaac Redman -Bowie State,” he replied.

“Well”, I said, “we better keep a close eye on this kid.”

Isaac Redman, a six-foot, 230lb., unrestricted free agent from Bowie State made not only an impression upon me, but he also made an impressive start vying for a spot on the 53-man roster Thursday night against the Arizona Cardinals.

Redman made his debut in the top of the fourth quarter against the Cardinal's second-team defense scoring his first NFL touchdown from the their three-yard line.

In the next offensive series, Redman carried six times for 30 of an 80 yard drive (led by QB Dennis Dixon) to score his second touchdown from the Cardinal five yard line.

I know it’s early, I know its pre-season, but if this kid is the real deal, the Steelers will have the rushing attack in the red zone in addition to finding that one-two punch with Parker or Mendenhall.

Last season, the offense scored from the red zone on passing situations, seldom on rushing.

What's worse is that the Steelers were held to a goal line stand three times by the Colts, Chargers and the Cowboys.   

Many sports analysts blame the Steelers inability to score from short yardage as the fault of the offensive line.

Thursday, Redman scored with an offensive line that consisted of rookie C A.Q. Shipley, T Ramon Foster, T Tony Hills, G Jeremy Parquet, and rookie G Kraig Urbik who managed to dominate the Cardinal second-team defensive line.

Watching Redman Monday afternoon reminded me of “The Bus.”

Redman may not have a “nickname” but he showed that it’s worth taking a look at what he could do against first-team defenses.

Coach Tomlin plans to give Redman more work and in order to do that he is moving RB Frank “The Tank” Summers to fullback.

If this is a sign of what this free-agent is capable of doing, the Steelers could have in their hands a scoring machine and the development of a closer.

RB Rashard Mendenhall still has a lot to prove after being the first-round draft pick two years ago.

He had a disappointing showing on Thursday with nine carries for 24 yards and no touchdowns despite playing two quarters.