Update on Kurt Angle: Will the Real "Hard Justice" Be Served?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIAugust 16, 2009

As I was doing my daily commute through wrestling sites to inform myself of all the goings on yesterday, I saw that there was a story on Kurt Angle getting arrested. This news story was covered by not only our own B/R, but TMZ, and even the Associated Press.

This made headlines because of it being Kurt Angle naturally, but even more so when people saw he was found with HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in his bag after being pulled over by an officer.

Now, he was arrested for the simple fact that he had a suspended license. He had a DUI a while back, and he was unable to drive for a year or so, according to reports.

The only reason the HGH was found was because an officer went through it while he was taking things out of Angle's car. The car had to be towed away, so it was only natural for the officer to help him with his bags, of course.

But he just so happened to grab the right one, I guess. Now, Angle told the officer that he had a prescription for it, and could prove it if he was able to go and get it. But, he had to go to jail because of the suspended license.

To let you know, most people do not get the luxury of having HGH on them. You have to put it in yourself with a needle, so most of the time it is done at a hospital to prevent damage. It is done with a doctor present usually, to prevent abuse.

If you ask me, he got it from a crooked doctor. But, I digress.

There was a stalking thing that came into play on top of it all, which was why the 911 call was made in the first place. Angle and TNA Knockout Rhaka Khan were said to have been in a relationship, even living together, so people were confused when they heard of this.

After an incident the previous day between them, Khan went and got an "emergency PFA" on him that morning. Angle claims to have not been following Khan, but looking for a hotel. Khan claims differently, naturally.

But, people were wondering if Angle would be at Hard Justice or not. I mean, last time we heard he was still in jail as of last night.

According to reports now, he is out of jail and is supposed to be at the event.

However, that is only if he was able to prove he has a prescription for his HGH. He may just get a fine for the suspended license issue, a hefty one at that. He makes enough, so it won't hurt him too badly.

TNA insiders are saying that he could be losing his TNA Title and possibly get suspended without pay. I think it is the fair thing to do. You have a guy who committed a definite crime in driving with a suspended license.

Take out the Stalking and HGH usage, and you still have that. If the other stuff doesn't turn out in his favor, Angle could be gone from TNA. If caught with an illegal drug like HGH, years of prison are imminent.

You can get prison time for breaking the PFA laws too. Of course, if Angle was the certain amount of feet away from Khan required, he won't get prison time.

Right now, Angle is the top guy in TNA. All of the storylines seem to run through him and the Main Event Mafia. If Angle has to go, TNA will lose big.

TNA does have plans for TNA and the World Title if Angle is unable to be at Hard Justice, what it is may be unknown because it is being written up so late. The news just came out about Angle yesterday, so the writers are scrambling, I'm sure.

Like I mentioned earlier, Angle is said to be coming to the event. Now, with the news coming out about Angle, it seems obvious he will lose the World Title because of storyline reasons.

A suspension will have to come out of it, TNA cannot be unfair to their other talent. This is the perfect time to send a message that no matter how important you are to the company, you cannot break the law and get away with it.

If this were any other person on the roster, they would suspend them, I'm sure. So, Angle should get fair treatment.

If Dixie Carter will make Jeff Jarrett, the founder of TNA, go home over some incident that was not against the law whatsoever, surely Angle will be dealt with.

My question to you, the B/R public is:

Should TNA have Angle drop the title, as well as suspend him?