David Ortiz Just Won't Let the Steroids Thing Die

JerseySenior Analyst IAugust 16, 2009

Note: Before beginning this piece, you may want to recap my last on this issue, which can be found here. It's not entirely necessary, as I will be rehashing the key points, but it can't hurt.

David Ortiz's name has appeared on the infamous 2003 list of players who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. This, we know, is a fact. While the MLBPA may be disputing the results of some of these tests, the fact remains that this is a list of steroid users, and Ortiz's name is on it.

Is it possible Ortiz's test was a false positive? Well, anything is possible. But the overwhelming likelihood is that Ortiz did use PEDs, as even the MLBPA can't deny that nearly all the test results were indeed correct.

But I'm not here to speculate about the truth behind these tests. I'm here to discuss Ortiz's actions since his name was revealed.

Ortiz refused to deny or confirm the report at first. If he did, in fact, use steroids, this would prove to be a good move, as he would be able to recollect his thoughts and seek advice on the matter. Of course, had he never used, he probably should have denied the story.

Instead, Ortiz took a week before denying the story outright. And when he did, he had help at his side. Michael Wiener, MLBPA union chief sat next to him and conjured up some excuses for the maligned slugger.

Despite what Ortiz may have said, the signs all pointed at the result having been correct: Ortiz did not deny the report outright until he weighed his options, and proved this by showing that he'd discussed the matter with Wiener during the interim.

In addition, Wiener's statements do not exonerate Ortiz at all: they merely open a window for the possibility of his exoneration. But unless Ortiz is among the scant number of false positives (which is extremely unlikely), Ortiz still took steroids, and it's been documented.

But Ortiz continues to deny the story outright, and people seem to be buying it. I don't understand it, but that was what the previous post (linked above) was about, and I won't discuss that now.

However, Ortiz recently made some comments in The Providence Journal about the situation, and by doing so, he kept the story alive. The scandal had blown over for the most part, and people had moved on, but Ortiz for some reason, decided to bring it back up.

Like Roger Clemens, he won't shut up, and in doing so, he only opens himself up to further incrimination. He sounds awfully defensive, and that's not a good sign for him.

Allow me to dissect Ortiz's latest comments:

“You know what kills me? If I know you and, let’s say something happened with you in the past, and I’ve known you for seven years and you’ve been totally normal, I don’t care what happened in the past. I would judge you for what I know."

Okay, so right off the bat, Ortiz is saying "Even if I did do it, why are you judging me now?" That's not a very strong denial, Mr. Ortiz. It sounds like you want a little love because you weren't busted in any of the years AFTER 2003.

“These past few weeks have been terrible for me. People want to [mess] up your reputation and it’s all about the money...that’s what it seems like."

The what?! The money?! I'm sorry, but did anyone mention money before? What money is he talking about?

"People always want you to be a role model. People always want you to be a good guy, but at the end of the day nobody gives an [expletive] about you. You know why? Because when this [expletive] came out, this news, no one...I’m talking about no one in general...stood up and said, ‘Let’s wait to see what David Ortiz has to say. He’s a guy who has been tested 18 times, and why would you believe any of this [expletive],’ or, ‘He’s a guy who has been playing the game clean and let’s wait to hear what he has to say.’"

Is he serious? He got the MLBPA to come to a press conference for him! Alex Rodriguez didn't get any of that support. Instead, everyone jumped all over him, lambasting him as a cheater. Why do you think you'd be any different?

Instead, he actually GOT the help he wanted (and the help that A-Rod equally deserved but didn't get), and now he's complaining about it? What does he want here?

"No. It was, ‘I’m not surprised he got caught. He did this, or he did that.’ David Ortiz has never been involved in any kind of trouble. So why do I have to be the bad guy? Why can’t anyone stand up for David Ortiz?”

Two words: Michael Wiener. That's who's standing up for David Ortiz. While A-Rod stood up and took the heat, you went and whined to your buddy and got your support. Stop complaining.

But let's hop back a sentence. Ortiz wants to know why no one was surprised. Well, here's why: Ortiz benefited from a significant spike in stats and stature the very same year he allegedly tested positive. It's not surprising that his name would appear on the list. That's why no one was surprised!

“People don’t always make money with good things. They make money with bad things."

Again with the money. Where is this coming from?

“Basically that’s what people worry about. So when I hear people talking about, ‘This guy is horrible and sets a bad example. He’s not a role model,’ from now on I’m not going to pay attention to that [expletive] anymore because, seriously, people don’t give a [expletive]. People don’t make money with that.”

I really don't know what he's talking about. The sentences are incoherent, and he's obsessing about money. He's sounding increasingly flustered, and one continues to wonder why he had to make these comments at all. Hasn't he said this already? Let it be!

“It’s all about the money."

Enough already!

"All these [media members] I’ve been dealing with through the years, guys who have come to me and tell me, ‘You’ve made the difference in this clubhouse because you might be the only superstar here who makes our life easy. When we want to talk to you, we can talk to you. You’re a nice guy and you do nice things.’ All that [expletive] went in the garbage when this [expletive] came out. That hurt, bro.”

Are you serious? The media isn't being friendly to you? Have you actually READ any of the articles about this situation, glorifying your nonsensical press conferences, and trying to salvage your image? You know, like THIS VERY ARTICLE?!

“My teammates were there at my press conference, and they all came and hugged [me]. They said, ‘Hey, you’re right.’ The good things nobody talks about, and that’s what kills me. Nobody talks about the good things. All they want to do is put the fans against you and that’s bad, man.”

Shut up. Seriously, shut up. You cry about how you have no support, but then point out how good your teammates have been to you. You talk about how no one cares about the good you've done, when that is a blatant lie.

Everyone is trying to fix this, to make Ortiz come out okay, and he doesn't even acknowledge that. They're trying to save him because they believe he's a good guy, and they don't want his reputation tarnished. But Ortiz won't hear any of that. To him, he's always been a victim. Nobody loves him.

Really, Ortiz, wake up and read a newspaper. Go online and see how many articles have been written about Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriguez, and see how many have been written about you. You're a whiner and it will only make you look bad.

“They’re calling you names and [crap]. You go to New York, you go to Baltimore, you go to all the other cities and you bring your family, your kids. Your son hears people calling you [names]. It’s my family...my kids. With all the good things I’ve done, what’s up with that? All the good I’ve done and all the good things I will get done...what’s up with that? Somebody screwed up and somebody wanted to put money in their pocket and somebody talking [crap], is that fair? I don’t care anymore.”

Well, they're obviously going to call you names in New York. They always have. And you keep bringing up the good you've done, as it that's supposed to exonerate you.

If you've used steroids, you've used steroids, no matter how much good you've done. It doesn't change things.

Still, because he's been good, people are trying to say exactly what Ortiz is saying, which is "the steroids thing doesn't matter." I'm not sure where this came from, but it's there, yet Ortiz doesn't believe it. Oh, and need I point out that he again mentioned money?


Here's what I've taken from these comments:

1- Ortiz believes no one is sticking up for him. He's crying and whining about this, despite the fact that he's received a lot more support than any other offender thus far. It makes him look like a big baby.

2- Ortiz believes that he's been a good guy, so he should be exonerated from any steroid use. I don't know what the correlation here is.

3- Ortiz keeps mentioning money for some reason. I don't know why, and he never explained its relevance to the topic at hand.

In addition, Ortiz's sentences are often incoherent, and don't lead anywhere. It's very difficult to make out what he's saying. It sounds like he's getting increasingly flustered, and that makes him more defensive. Of course, that only makes him appear more guilty, but that's beside the point.

Finally, Ortiz really should keep his mouth shut. Instead, he's rehashing the story he's trying to avoid. It's really bad strategy. Maybe he should speak to his buddy, Michael Wiener, for more advice on how to conduct himself in public.

Look, I don't mind that he took steroids. Everyone is doing it. What bothers me is that he's such a hypocrite, promoting a zero-tolerance policy before being busted for using.

It bothers me that he's so blatantly guilty, but everyone is looking the other way because he's David Ortiz. So many other users aren't getting the same treatment.

And it bothers me that despite this, he believes he's being cornered, and that no one is helping him. It's a guilty complex, and it only makes him look worse.

Ortiz really should keep his mouth shut before the Clemens comparisons start coming in droves. Clemens' reputation has reached rock bottom, and if Ortiz keeps this up, he'll be right there with him.


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