Cena and Orton: You May Never See This Happen Again

lee raydeanCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2009

As you can see from the photo above (taken from WWE.com) John Cena and Randy Orton came together for a brief moment, maybe not quite knowing that they were helping each other.

On RAW this past Monday night (8/11/09) John Cena took on Chris Jericho and Randy took on Big "Slow".

In Cena and Jericho, things heated up since Jericho thinks hes the best thing that ever happened to wrestling and tried to prove that by fighting Cena.

There were moments when I thought Chris would win, but, John would come back and even up the score. It was a seesaw kind of match, very physical to say the least.

Of course, Orton came out to show his Summerslam opponent, John Cena, what he will do to him by attacking Jericho. You know that was an automatic disqualification.

Jericho's tag team and the half of the unified tag team Champ, Big Slow, was infuriated and came running out to help his partner.

This is where it gets interesting. Randy Orton and Cena closed lined the Slow one over the top rope and Cena had Jericho up on his shoulders ready to give him the FU, when Orton came up behind Cena and gave Jericho the RKO while he was still on Cena's shoulders.

The guest host for the evening Sgt. Slaughter, came out to where the ramp was and said that on Monday Night Raw (8/17/09) Orton and Cena will be tag team partners and face the Unified Tag Team champions, Jericho and the Slow one.

Now the question is this, can Orton and Cena survive the match without trying to kill each other, without tring to bury each other alive?

Slow and Jericho are going to be counting on it. If any two can be Unified Champs, its Cena and Orton even though there is no love lost between them.

Both are huge mega stars, both are ring savvy and are very competitive in and out of the ring.

With Summerslam only seven days, Orton and Cena will have that match on their minds, but will need to focus on their upcoming match on RAW this week. They have to keep their wits about them and wait for Summerslam to settle their differences.

John and Randy will both want to get the pinfall. Thats where the egos and fighting will start with these two. What if they do win? What would happen to their match at Summerslam? Thats an interesting question.

One can only imagine. We'll have to wait and see what happens on RAW this week. I am anticipating this match!