Things I Learned From Strikeforce: Carano vs. Santos

Ken FossAnalyst IAugust 16, 2009

On a night of tremendous highs, and equal lows; anybody who wasn't enjoying this card, just isn't a fan of the sport.

Here's a list chronologically of things I learned from the event in the books.


1. Gina Carano was the first ever female fighter in MMA history... Somewhere Jennifer Howe whelped in agony.

While its easy to snipe at her, now that the main event is over. This is entirely Showtime, and Strikeforce's fault, during the one-minute intro piece Gina Carano was portrayed as three parts Rocky, minus the underdog role, one part, Thomas Edison and one part Farrah Fawcett.

Let's dispel some myths Gina Carano is not the first female fighter ever...She didn't cure cancer, or invent sliced bread.


2. Fabricio Werdum can submit lesser fighters, whoopdy do.

No disrespect to Mike Kyle, he looked threatening to the laymen and had me worried with that armbar for a quarter-second, but why was this fight telecast, over JT and Hieronimus?

Listen, Strikeforce: you're swimming in a pond with bigger fish now, tune up, and reputation rehabilitation fights are not main card fodder (especially on THIS card).

If in the future you want to show off your new UFC castaway, do it on the Preliminary card, please.


4. Fighters need to stop lying in the intro videos. Ishida, you're not knocking out a Bologna Sandwich, stop it.

While I understand the concept of gamesmanship, and playing to a crowd... Don't outright lie to me. I'd have a lot more respect if people would tell me, I'm going to take him down, I'm going beat on him, I'm going to break his spirit.

Then Damien Maia, screaming about how he's going to KO Nate Marquardt. This isn't Showtime's fault, It's Ken Shamrock's, because when in doubt, you always blame Shamrock.


5. Could EA, and Strikeforce be working together financially to resist the UFC?

I've been wondering where Scott Coker is getting his confidence, and not groveling at the feet of Dana White any longer. Then it dawned on me. Right there in the ring was an ad for a video game that doesn't hit shelves until next year...

That might not sound so crazy, but when you figure in that Dana White has picked on a monolith that grosses more than the UFC can dream of per annum, it gains steam, plus Moore is a vet at stirring pots and winning tussles in the video game industry.

XBOX now dominates the industry thanks to his guidance, Dana White may want to put out this fire if he knows whats good for him.

Also to be factored in is the "alliance" between DREAM, as well, a world war could be brewing, one Dana White should want no part of.


6. Skinless dudes need to be done away with. I would have highlighted, the single, and the hula hoop defense, they showcase the Clinch knee, and a triangle choke, Babalu gets the standing elbow strike... really?

Why does MMA have to continue to apologize for being a new sport? People don't need to be told how to punch someone in the face or throw an elbow.

Boxing has taken care of that for us, showing people the triangle is fine, but not when Gilbert Melendez is fighting. Babalu fine, not El Nino, who has exactly as many wins via submission as I do.

To compound this, they make a change for the main event, using actual footage, and Frank Shamrock going all John Madden on us for a second that was way better.

Retire the Skinless mannequins, maybe a crash course on Jiu-Jitsu ala Submissions 101, on Youtube, or something of the like would have been a better choice for filling time.


8. I go against the Axiom of rematches again, and get burned again.

From this point forward I'm going to probably favor the loser of the previous bout, because If you had told me yesterday that Gilbert Melendez was going to stuff six-of-seven of Ishida's takedowns en route to a TKO win, I would have laughed at you.

Point is don't be seduced by previous fight results, when two quality opponents rematch.


10. Gilbert Melendez is born!

Let's face it people, Gilbert Melendez was before tonight a patty cake artist, with no ground game. Now he's a complete fighter, although, this is probably not the last Melendez has seen of the Endless Warrior, If this is the new Gilbert he's almost ready for BJ Penn, Josh Thompson is in trouble. 


11. Josh Thomson, your challenger awaits

Speaking of Thomson, if he doesn't want to be remembered as Tito Ortiz of the 2010's, he better heal up quick. Or prepare for a media reaming. You've been warned.

12. Strikeforce's walk out antics are WWE-esque and almost injure Babalu; this is unacceptable.

We came about two centimeters from James Hetfield II. Are you kidding me Strikeforce, after the shock of it wore off. Renato began walking down the cat walk like he was under fire from Guerrilla warriors.

Embarrassments like this Strikeforce are what keep your show as the number two show in the country.

13. Gegard, Is a star... And he knows it.

During the ring walk, and in ring announcements, it looked like he was about to pass out from boredom. At first I thought he found some of Nick Diaz's stach, Then the fight started, and I saw what the problem was... He's just that damn good.

Babalu was out of his league, everywhere in that octagon on Saturday. His guard was broken in seconds, his stand up was nullified early, and Gegard wasted no time, knocking the multiple time UFC LHW title challenger unconscious, stopping the fight so enigmatically he then went on to do the referee's job for him, by stopping the fight himself.

14. Gegard, you won big guy.

Feel free to you know smile once in a while... This has to make you question if he's even interested in defending that belt.

And that's exactly what Strikeforce needs, another belt with no holder.

15. Ladies and Gentlemen, We have a new Matriarch in MMA.

For better or worse, Christiane "Cyborg" Santos came, she saw, she conquered.

From the opening bell Gina had no answer for the hulkish Brazilian who repeatedly pummeled her up against the cage for the better part of three minutes, her normally great long ranged arsenal was nullified by the pure aggression of Cyborg.

It was just a matter of time, the only form of offense from Carano was an error by Cyborg while going for a suplex, that she botched so badly, she actually gave Gina mount.

This was Gina's window, one she let slip into the annuals of what if.

Later in the fight Gina herself attempted a similar Judo throw that was botched as well, almost leading to an embarrassing Americana defeat, she managed to roll Cyborg, regaining her feet only to be pummeled some more until finally Gina checked out of the fight mentally.

With her will broken she was unloaded on, until Rosenthal had no choice but to save Gina at 4:59 seconds of round number one.

Their is no question who the best fighter in a shallow 145lb division is. 


Last One... What the hells next for the ladies at 145.

Personal heart throb of mine, arm-snapper extraordinare Marloes Coenen has been flown out, likely to be Gina's next opponent, while they look for that butter knife they need to scrape her off the canvas.

Erin Toughil veteran of Boxing, and not a bad looker herself, will look to out box the technically sloppy Cyborg sometime in January most likely. She's been in a big fights before, when she fought Layla Ali. but lets be real here, she's not even close to the star Carano was so Cyborg's going to be carrying that fight all on her lonesome.

Something I'm not sure she can do yet.

After that though, good luck Scott, I wish you luck on your upcoming talent scrounging tournament because, its Elaina Maxwell(2-3), and Cindy Dandois.(whose 1-0) And thats your 145 division, real exciting I know.

135lbs is loaded though so another super fight between say, Tara Larosa, and Sarah Kaufman could always come up, or be challengers at 145, but I sure hope it doesn't come to that.


















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