Jeff Hardy and John Morrison Continue Heating Up Friday Nights

Jesse MitchellCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2009

UNCASVILLE, CT - AUGUST 3:  Actor Jeremy Piven guest hosts WWE's 'Monday Night Raw' at Mohegan Sun on August 3, 2009 in Uncasville, Connecticut.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

A day late on the Smackdown re-cap, but since no one else has beaten me to the punch, I will go ahead and post what I saw.

This week's Smackdown had to answer quite a few questions to keep rolling as the best weekly wrestling show on television. They were:

1. What will Matt Hardy's role be, and is he healed enough to compete?

2. Would John Morrison continue to beat CM Punk every week?

3. Where will the Kane/Khali angle go and will this lift Khali's sagging stature or lower Kane's?

4. Can Smackdown continue the role it has been on as the most dominant weekly wrestling show despite a greatly improved Raw and TNA?

And they answered all of those questions in a very satisfactory way. While Smackdown was perhaps not as good as they have been with only five matches, the matches they did have were all very solid and delivered both "steak and sizzle," as good ole JR would say.

CM Punk started the night off further cementing himself as the straight-edge heel. For those ROH fans, you know just how good of a heel Punk can be, and while he is not quiet the antagonist he was over there, he is quickly coming very close.

I still find it very interesting that they are playing off of the fact that he doesn't drink or do drugs as a reason to hate him. But it works, and pushes the PG envelope a little bit as well.

Now, we have see the whole Kane kidnapping routine several times (remember Stephanie and Lita?), but it is still good to see the Big Red Machine starting to return to his monster status. His beat down of Khali was classic as well.

My concern with this program is that Kane is a very good wrestler, and while Khali may have been over in Japan, his bad knees severely limit him in the ring. This was the main reason the Undertaker refused to finish a program with him back in the day, because it was hurting his (Undertaker's) character.

But if Kane can make a dentist gimmick work (Remember Dr. Yankem...that was good ole Kane), then maybe he can raise Khali's game. And maybe Khali will get that much-needed knee surgery done after this program is over (Rumor has it, he is afraid of doctors, but I am not sure how true that is).

A very fast paced and decent match between Finlay and Dolph Ziggler saw Finlay take a wicked kick to the head. I replayed this about a dozen times, and it really looks like the guy took quite the shot. Wonder if he will get fired like Mr. Kennedy.

Mike Knox's interference actually works for me, because there is none better than Fit Finley for developing raw talent, and Knox has a ton of potential and a program between the two will hopefully raise Knox up to where he needs to be.

John Morrison and CM Punk put on another whale of a match. I tell you, this guy Morrison has it. While I like to see him win, I am glad they allowed Punk to pull it off, because it does not look good for the challenger to the belt to lose every week.

I see Morrison being pushed for the title after Summerslam, depending on what Jeff Hardy does with his contract.

Another decent Divas match between Melina and Layla. Layla actually surprised me, and this was an all around good match.

Very aggressive and it was great to see Melina pull out the win. I did not catch any of the usual Diva mistakes in this one; pure wrestling from bell to bell.

I am kind of confused as why JTG wrestled the Big Show and not Shad Gaspars. Is Shad injured? I haven't seen anything that said he was, but it would have made sense if it would have been Shad after JTG beat Jericho last week.

Instead, Show decimated JTG, but then Shad threw him out of the ring after the match was over. This match is growing on me for Summerslam.

Not sure what to make of the Hart Dynasty's beat down of Jeff Hardy. Sure, Mr. McMahon forced Teddy Long to make the match, but it still did not make much sense, unless it is trying to cement Jeff as a superman at Summerslam.

BTW, do you think WWE want Jeff to re-sign after Summerslam? Just about the who WWE magazine is abut Jeff, his name is everywhere, they made Punk drop the belt to him, and he is being flown from venue to venue in the corporate jet.


Still no decision yet, and reports are that Vince has offered $1.5 million guarantee, plus merchandise and licensing, which could end up being north of $5 million per year.

Now, that's a hunk of change. But Jeff hates traveling. And TNA offers no traveling and $750,000 per year, and all expenses paid. (For those that do not know, WWE superstars, unless you are part of the "in crowd" must pay all of their own expenses).

Which would you do? Hard to say for me. 340 days is a lotta days on the road.

Until next time friends, stay safe, and don't try this at home.