The Hypocrisy of Michael Vick Haters

Curly MorrisAnalyst IAugust 16, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - AUGUST 14: Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles speaks at a press conference at the NovaCare Complex on August 14, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Vick signed a one-year contract, with a second year option, with the Eagles.  (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

This morning, I ate scrambled chicken embryo's and fried strips of dead beef flesh for breakfast...I'll be expecting PETA or the Humane Society to show up at my door any minute now.

Now, the Michael Vick lunacy really begins...again.

When Vick was released from prison in May, there were many who questioned whether or not any NFL team would sign the QB considering the backlash that might be expected from animal rights groups across the country.

It took less than three months for that concern to be swept under the rug faster than Scooter Libby's pardon as the Philadelphia Eagles signed Vick to a two-year deal this week.

Make no mistake about it, Vick, like any other professional athlete, is a revenue generating machine and professional sports franchises are in the business of generating revenue. As is ESPN, FOX Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports...etc.

Come to think of it, there are a couple of other revenue generating machines that have capitalized on the Vick saga. That would be PETA and The Humane Society and their continued antagonism toward the Eagles' new No. 7 which really irks the heck out of me.

I wonder how many new members and or donations those two organizations mustered up with their new found popularity, courtesy of the Federal Government's racketeering laws?

Count me in as a dog lover. You can also include me among those individuals who believe that Vick's dog fighting ring was cruel and heinous to the animals who suffered those atrocities, but am I to understand that treating animals badly is the 'new murder'?

Had Vick did something like send thousands of U.S. citizens to die and tens of thousands more to be maimed for life in a foreign nation for no real reason, like a U.S. President that I know, then I might understand the outrage.

Had Vick purposely farmed billions of animals in cramped, decadent living conditions while pumping them full of growth hormones in order to speed up their life cycles so that they could be violently and expeditiously slaughtered and packaged for human consumption, like most food processors, then maybe I could understand some people's ire.

It would appear that Vick is victim to the same logic that I'm sure many of the world's chickens, turkeys, pigs and cows try to rationalize every day. What makes dogs so special?

Understand that in some of the world's culture's, dogs are fair game for the dinner plate, as are monkey's, snakes, cats, snails and almost any living creature that is not human.

In fact it is the general consensus among human beings that animals are indeed part of the global ecosystem that is intended to further one agenda and one agenda only and that is the advancement of the human species.

We use animals for work, sport and food, usually without batting an eyelash, because what is most important for humans is our own survival. The horse racing industry's fan base is littered with some of the world's wealthiest and supposed noble individuals.

We have dog tracks, circuses, magic shows, fish tanks and all other types of subcultures that are intended to enhance the human experience at the expense of animals.

Don't even get me started about the heads of deer, antelope, bison and other so called 'big game' that many avid hunters have adorning walls in their homes. Or the assortment of stuffed animals that can be found in our nations museums.

The bottom line is that for PETA (check out some hidden truths about them here) and the Humane Society (ditto for them here) to be grandstanding as though they are some weird sect of the human race that has been placed here to protect the interest of animals is about as sincere as the people who have been in town halls all week saying they don't like President Barack Obama because of his 'health care reform.'

PETA has been in existence since 1980 which means that for at least tens of thousands of years before they came along the relationship between humans and animals had been symbiotic enough to sustain the planet's balance between the two.

The Humane Society has a twenty-six year head start on PETA but even they weren't around when the Pony Express was forcing horses to deliver people their mail from one side of the country to the other or when Noah was deciding which animals were making the final cut for The Ark. 

So the next time you see someone outside of an NFL game protesting Michael Vick, check to see if they are wearing any leather attire. If they are, tell them that your best friend is a cow named Jeffrey and it disgusts you to see them wearing the skin of Jeffrey's cousin.

Then tell them to get a life.