Get Your Popcorn Ready: College Football's First Week Will Be Fun

Brett KContributor IAugust 16, 2009

No one will ever forget the 2007 week one shocker when Appalachian State upset Michigan. Despite the excitement that occurred in 2007, week one games are normally fairly boring.

You know those games where big time division FBS schools beat up on the little guys from the FCS? The games where Ohio State beats Youngstown State 43—0. 

Sure, every year there is at least one game between two ranked opponents, but normally week one is there to wet your appetite for college ball. It's only there to smack you in the face and say "we're back", then let you know you have to clear your Saturdays for when REAL college football begins the following week.

It seems that all of that is about to change this year. Someone finally got something right. Here's my top 10 week one games for 2009 (ranked in no particular order):


10. South Carolina At North Carolina State (Thur. Sept. 3—7:00 PM ET)

The Early game of the first Thursday Night of the season should be entertaining. Neither team was amazing last year but are trying to rebound this year. This game should be close and whoever wins will have the upper hand for week two.

9. Oregon at Boise State (Thur. Sept. 310:15 PM ET)

All I can say is, what a way to start the college football season (and on a Thursday night)! The only problem with this game is the 10:15pm ET start. We'll get to see a rematch as the Broncos go up against a legit out of conference team. The Ducks will try to get revenge as they visit Boise and their famous blue field

8. Georgia At Oklahoma State (Sat. Sept. 53:30 PM ET)

No. 13 visits No. 11; what's not to like? The two biggest conferences go head to head in the first week, and conference supremacy may be determined real early. The Bulldogs will have to be sharp if they expect to make it out of Stillwater still unbeaten.


7. Missouri VS Illinois (Sat. Sept. 53:40 PM ET)

Neither team happens to be ranked, but either team could be in the Top 10 by the end of the season. Missouri lost a lot last year, while Illinois still has Juice Williams. This game should be entertaining, as the day should begin with a bang.

6. Brigham Young VS Oklahoma (Sat. Sept. 57:00 PM ET)

BYU hasn't had less than 10 wins since 2005. A win versus Oklahoma would give them a lot of attention. It will be tough, as Oklahoma will most likely be undefeated late into the season.

5. Alabama VS Virginia Tech (Sat. Sept. 58:00 PM ET)

Two top 10 teams play each other on the first week; who thought this schedule up? This game should be the toughest game the Hokies will face all year long. If they can survive the Crimson Tide, they may have a shot at the National Championship.

4. Maryland At California (Sat. Sept. 510:00 PM ET)

Neither team had spectacular seasons last year, but this year could be different. The Golden Bears have the potential Heisman winner in Jahvid Best, and Maryland will be looking to improve on their sub-par 2008 season.

3. Colorado State at Colorado (Sun. Sept. 67:00 PM ET)

The Battle for Colorado will be great for college football fans. Neither team may be a potential top 25 team but this game should still be fun.

2. Cincinnati At Rutgers (Mon. Sept. 74:00pm ET)

Sure this will be a stellar Labor Day game to watch but how this game ended up as a mid—day Monday game is beyond me. Two Big East teams facing off on week one should be on the Saturday night line-up. Cincinnati will try to repeat as Big East Champions and Rutgers will try to get back to the top of the Big East.


1. Miami (Fl) At Florida State (Mon. Sept. 7 8:00pm ET)

Ah, the battle for Florida supremacy begins week one. If only there was some way to include the Gators into this game, then we could truly decide who is the kings of Florida. Neither team had stellar years last year and will be looking to rebound. Two ACC teams fighting each other during week one will truly be fun. 


Week one will certainly be fun. If only other top teams would take a cue from some of the above teams, the week would be even better. This year is going to be great!