Week 4 SEC Wrap-Up

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Week 4 SEC Wrap-Up


Tebow continues his Superman-esque run, and yet still remains off the injured list.

However, in this game we saw him take fewer risks and protect himself more. Is Tebow changing to a style that will more easily mesh with the NFL?

The LSU Defense remains the best in the country after outsmarting Spurrier’s ‘Cocks. Spurrier is sure to change his game plan if they meet up in the SEC championship game. I don’t see that happening, though.

Arkansas still didn't live up to their pre season hype, but they did play respectably.


Where did this team come from? The Cats are out of the bag—and clawing their way upwards. It looks like they are capable of going as far as that strong arm of Andre Woodson will take them.

Auburn began its dual-QB offense and is still working out the kinks. However, the Tigers kept the ball on the ground and their running game stepped up during the second-half to give them the victory.

Mississippi State proved that last week’s upset was not a fluke. Guided by the excellent play calling of Head Coach Croom, MSU emerged victorious against Gardner-Webb.

Tennessee rebounded after last week’s loss, but there's still no rest for the weary. Next week they will face off against #15 Georgia.

Georgia emerged victorious against Alabama, but it's still difficult to tell who is the superior team.

The Games (In chronological order) 

1) Florida v. Ole Miss

My Prediction:
Florida 45, Ole Miss 16

Florida 30, Ole Miss 24

While most “experts” were talking blowout, I predicted a small fight from Ole Miss. They did a bit better than even I expected.

Just goes to show us: there are no certainties in the SEC.

The big playmakers in this matchup were quarterbacks. Seth Adams threw for over 300 yards, while Tebow—as always—was Superman.

Icon2) LSU v. South Carolina

My Prediction:
LSU 35, South Carolina 20

LSU 28, South Carolina 16

The Tigers’ Defense showed its fangs this week against the ‘Cocks.

The Tiger defense made a critical adjusment late in the first quarter to stop the short-intermediate South Carolina passing attack, and the game's fate was sealed after that.

3) Arkansas v. Kentucky 

My Prediction:
Arkansas 45, Kentucky 42

Kentucky 42, Arkansas 29

Hesiman hopeful Andre Woodson had a stellar performance, with 265 yards and two touchdown throws.

Kentucky continues to surprise everyone.

Who knows where they may end up this year—January bowl game?

Arkansas dynamic duo Jones and McFadden accumulated over 300 yards, but were unable to rack up the necessary scores needed for a Razorback victory.

Icon4) Auburn v. New Mexico St.

My Prediction:
Auburn 41, New Mexico St. 17

Auburn 55, New Mexico St. 20

Tubby’s Tigers fought through their first-half malaise and managed to take control during the second-half, scoring 34 unanswered points to demolish the Aggies.

5) Mississippi v. Gardner-Webb

My Prediction:
Mississippi St. 38, Gardner-Webb 10

Mississippi St. 31, Gardner-Webb 15

Head Coach Sylvester Croom told the press that he was taking this game seriously, and assured us that his players were analyzing every weak point in the GW game plan.

Croom’s obsessive planning proved effective, as MSU emerged victorious.

6)Tennessee v. Arkansas St.

My Prediction:
Tennessee 48, Arkansas St. 20

Tennessee 48, Arkansas St. 27

The Vols threw for 335 yards against Arkansas St.

Last week, I said this game would be won in the air, and that the Vols would win if their D-line could put pressure on Indians QB Corey Leonard.

They sure as heck did—Leonard was scrambling most of the game, and the talented Indians QB failed to put up 200 yards for the first time this season.

The Vols won’t get a chance to celebrate their victory, as they must prepare for a fight against Georgia next week in Neyland Stadium.

Icon7) Alabama v. Georgia

My Prediction:
Alabama 27, Georgia 20

Georgia 26, Alabama 23 (OT)

Without a doubt, my favorite game of the week was the Tide/Bulldog matchup in Bryant-Denny Stadium.

I was on my feet almost the entire duration of the game, and barely stopped myself from chewing my fingers to nubs.

Last week I said this game would be won by a touchdown. Of course, I assumed it would be Bama’s TD. Odds makers had this game at UGA winning by 3; they were right for once.

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