Why the Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Competition Will End This Week

Brandon SkatesContributor IAugust 15, 2009

Let me begin by saying that I completely understand that logic behind starting Sage Rosenfels in week one (regardless of whether Tarvaris Jackson was injured).

Last season you got to see how Tarvaris Jackson handled the job, but we were still waiting to see how Rosenfels would look running with the first team offense against an opposing team's defense.

Jackson's injury gave the Vikings the advantage of being able to use the injury as a reason to try out the new merchandise while also giving Jackson a chance to show some resolve.

Since I live in Indianapolis and attend a law school just two blocks away from Lucas Oil Stadium, I figured I would venture downtown and take a first hand look at the competition.

Unfortunately for the Vikings, the results were mixed. Rosenfels flourished with the first team offense, looking competent and surprisingly decisive while leading the team to its only touchdown.

To be fair, I must mention that the Colts were playing their backup cornerbacks and safeties. Bob Sanders and Antoine Bethea were out to injury and Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden did not suit up, either.

However, as the stats and film show, Rosenfels was nearly flawless last night.

When Jackson entered the game, Adrian Peterson was no longer in the backfield, but one would think Chester Taylor would have been a good enough complement when handling the Colts's second team defense. However, Jackson looked sloppy.

While he is amazingly athletic, he is not able to complete passes with any consistency. The main reason is that he continues to have problems reading defenses and passing accurately.

After the other distractions this off-season regarding the quarterback position, Brad Childress SHOULD be inclined to name a week one starter as soon as possible. It is possible that Jackson's injury led to some of his uneasiness in the pocket Friday; we'll see this weekend, as he is rumored to be the starter.

However, if Sage Rosenfels wins this week as well, Brad Childress should name him the starter and go into week 3 (traditionally regarded as the most important pre-season game) with his week one starter putting the finishing touches on establishing rapport with his teammates while familiarizing himself with the first-team personnel.