The NFL and College Football Fans: Reality Comes Between Them

Doug UrschelCorrespondent IAugust 15, 2009

CANTON, OH - AUGUST 06:  A Raider fan gets ready before the Oakland Raiders take on the Philadelphia Eagles in the AFC-NFC Pro Football Hall of Fame Game at Fawcett Stadium on August 6, 2006 in Canton, Ohio.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

They might use the same face paint and might go to the same costume store. They set off the same metal detectors and eat their stadium's suspect food. 

But, they live in parallel universes, neither knowing the other exists. 

They experience the same lines to the restrooms and god-awful prices at the gate.  They all go home with a headache, not knowing what they just ate.

They watch their teams song girls, though not the same age.

They all watch their teams play and that's where it all begins. That's when they separate and reality checks in.          

In the year of our Lord, 2009, it is money that makes the world go around and nothing is more demonstrative of that than professional sports.

In college, it's school pride and shitz-boom-bang.  In the NFL, it's can you play and the bling, bling, give me more bling.

College football awards more trophies to more people for doing the same thing than Carter has pills.

The various college "Coach of the Year" awards include those from George Munger, Paul "Bear" Bryant, AFCA, Walter Camp, Bobby Dodd and Home Depot. Everyone has an opinion, I guess. I hope every part of the nation has been covered by the awards.

The college players have a confusing set of standards to measure up to.  

Is it really too much to ask for the Walter Camp Player of the Year be the same as the AP Player of the Year?  Would it be a stretch to wonder why those two would be different than the Heisman winner?  Doesn't the Heisman go to college football's best player?

The combinations of the numbers of different players winning different awards, for doing the same thing seems endless.  It's almost like one award winning player asking a teammate, "What, you didn't get an award?"

Reality people, reality.

College football players hoping to carry their trophies into the NFL are shocked to discover that many were awarded their best of trophies by... agenda?

How is it possible that the very best football player in college can't even get a NFL team to look at him?  I'm talking about taking his Heisman Trophy and going to a NFL team and telling them that he was the very best player in college.

Finding out that no NFL team even wants him on their practice squad is a shock.  Don't you think?  I'd call that a stiff fist of reality to the Heisman winner's chin.

The NFL only wants results.  If you never before played football, but can do so at the NFL workout, they will pay you to play.  

If you come to the NFL workout with a trailer full of trophies, but a one-second slower run, the NFL will show you the door.

The NFL doesn't care about who voted for whom while you were in college.  The NFL doesn't care if you fed the hungry masses of the Sahara.  They don't care if you smashed your face on a wall to get a bloody face for the camera. 

The NFL just deals in reality.

The NFL fans don't care about your alleged pedigree or your name.  They want to see you perform and win or get the heck out.

The NFL fans will normally be demonstrative of a bad review by showering you with D- size batteries, beer bottles, or in Philly, an occasional brick.

Reality will check-in or the player will get hit with it.

College fans will never understand why their player that they erected a statue for is not playing in the NFL.  How wrong could the NFL be?

The question is, who should be asking that question...the NFL or college football?  In our world, money talks and ...

The NCAA is organized to give as many colleges and communities the opportunity to experience a holiday season football game  For doing this, the NCAA, colleges and the communities are rewarded in cash.

The NCAA, under very heavy pressure, allowed for the Bowl Championship Series to be created. The BCS was created to place the best two college teams in the final game of the season. The winner of that game would be awarded the BCS National Championship.

There's a slight hiccup to the BCS. The AP is also recognized as an entity that awards their own National Championship. If there is a split title, each team will be recognized as the National Champions. 

Each will be received by the President of the United States as the National Champions of college football. Each team will be rewarded National Championship rings and trophies by the individual sponsors. 

Both teams are considered as National Champions by television, media and historical references.  

The BCS is responsible for the split title. At the end of the 2003 season, USC was voted by the two human voting blocks as the No One team in the nation. Those two human blocks were the AP and the Coaches' Polls.    

However, the insanity, or maybe, the agenda based computer block ranked USC so low that USC went to the No. 3 position.

The AP removed itself from the BCS voting system and voted USC as National Champions. Some of the coaches, even though under contract to vote for the winner of the BCS game, refused to do so. Instead, they voted USC as National Champions.

There was further revolt. Disgusted with the BCS, USA Today warned the BCS that another such mockery of the Championship would cause their paper to permanently disassociate itself from the BCS.

The NFL would not have permitted the aforementioned to occur. In fact, the NFL doesn't even understand where the word series in BCS comes from. What series? The NFL knows that a playoff is involved in a series. Doesn't everyone know that?

The NFL Superbowl doesn't have a couple of teams that some "good old boys club" vote for. No, the NFL has a Championship that is decided on the field, not in a local bar or between relatives at a family dinner.

I can't even imagine a guy who screams "They are who we thought they were" to just sit still as a few coaches make a secret ballot for team rankings.  How about if he found out that the Harris Poll of faceless voters made decisions about his team?  Do you think he would stand for it?

The owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Yosemite Sam without a moustache, would take a couple of shotguns to a BCS meeting and say that he there to "tan some hide!"

That's the difference between the NFL and college fan.

$ Reality $.  


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