Give It a Rest! Finally The Facts About The Giant Pack NFC Loss!

Jan MandelContributor IAugust 15, 2009

GREEN BAY, WI - JANUARY 20:  Quarterback Brett Favre #4 of the Green Bay Packers warms his hand in between plays of the NFC championship game against the New York Giants on January 20, 2008 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

 Wow...some Farve Bashers are as cold as that Giant NFC Game was...Get A Life !!!!!!!!!

Now that being said… I hope to put to rest the comments that “I STILL HEAR NOW” …That “Brett’s final throw & play cost the Game” was the reason why we lost that game, the game facts just don’t bare this fact, and hopefully some of you Favre bashers who blinded by your hate…can move on & get a life.  It’s amazing how in 07 we were expected to be only above a 500 team & Favre wins us 14 games several in the 4th quarter, is second in MVP voting to Brady and still all many can talk about is his last throw & he sucks…. Let’s set the reality of the game straight!


Just the Facts Now:


1-        Rushing Yards: Giants rushed for 39-134 yards 2 rushing TD’s to Packer 14-28 yards & 0 rushing TD’s, a major factor!

      The Packers - Grant, 1 long for 13 yards, that means his other 13 rushes were for a total 15 yards.  Do you think this gave the Giants defense a major advantage in playing the Packer passing game straight up with rushing only 4 lineman

2 – Punting Yards: Ryan had 6 punts and averaged “NET  28.2 yards” a kick.  Giants  punter had 4 punts for net of 32.3 yards.  So much for Ryan and cold weather punting and terrible field position.

3 – Punt Return Yards: Packers had “1” return yard in 4 punts, Giants had 44 return yards from 6 punts received, again terrible field position.

  4 - Offensive Time of procession:  Giants 40:01 the Pack 22:34, talking about controlling the game and keeping your offense off the field.  The game was won at the line of scrimmage…as we say in the trenches.

  5 – Penalties: Packers totaled 7 or them, but 4 stupid penalties  gave Giants a first downs & points!

 6 – QB Completions:   Manning, 21 of 40 for 254 total yds, no TD’s or INT’s, the telling stat here is “11” were to Burress,  Burress & the Giant receivers made some great Catches, but can we say man on man wasn’t working!  I remember Manning saying after the game he couldn’t believe they stuck to it and basically each time he saw it… he would just signal to Burress it’s coming your way.  But yet nothing was done to counter the success they were having.  McCarthy after the game was asked "Why didn't you change the defense? McCarthy's answer "Because this is the type of defense we play" That's good...means we can't change during a game...even if something isn't working.

 Favre, 19 of 35 for 236 2 TD’s 2 INT’s, 90 came from long one to Driver. The game started with 2 successful misdirection plays, but never saw any again the rest of the game…?? Take into affect no running game the conditions, and Giant defense needing on 4 lineman to put on pressure, made it hard to pass on.

7 - A telling stat or play: I believe either late or early 4th quarter, and probably the biggest Giant defensive play. Packer running back Jackson catches a little swing out pass on about the 45 yard line with a total of 3 blockers with him, 1 blocker next to him and 2 more 5 yards down and nothing but vacant real estate in front of him, but the “Nemrod Moll” right next to him doesn’t block out LB Pierce who holds both Moll & Jackson till others can help, a 1 yard gain, Jackson should have scored or be inside 5 yd line, they go to Super Bowl, Favre throws for 3 TD’s 1 interception and about 270-80 yards…boy what a difference a play makes.  I can still see McCarthy giving Moll an “EAR FULL” when he came back to the side lines.

 8 – “5” ‘FIVE GIANT FUMBLES” only 1 recovery, can we say fall on the stupid fumbles Packers. One was on the Giant goal line that Kampman had next to him, in front of him, or how about Bush…just fall on it.  

 First Downs:      Rushing      Passing      Penalty

Giants                8                 12              4

Packers             2                   9              2

It was like -25 win chill & -2 degrees below…one of the coldest playoff games in history…I hardly think only Brett would have had a hard time with the Giants defense in that weather, but the entire Packer team was having problems and missed assignments, and let's just face it, the Giants were on a streak playing out of there minds & lucky... So if you want to “IGNORE THE FACTS”…and continue your Favre Bashing… go ahead…your just showing your ignorance!